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Bush and Blair
Have both discussed a 'roadmap' approach, with a stated ultimate goal being a Palestinian State. For their efforts, the Palestinian Mufti issued a 'thank you' note. Isn't that just frikkin special.
The Palestinian Authority's mufti, Ikremah Sabri, issued a fatwa (religious decree) Saturday banning US President George W. Bush and British Prime Minister Tony Blair from setting foot on "the sacred, holy land of Palestine."
How does the phrase go? Never missing the chance to bungle a great opportunity, or something like that? (Hat tip, RC in the LGF comments section)
Unique source of news
Bill Cimino has tapped into an interesting source of news on the fighting near Baghdad. Not too real time, as this describes action from last night, most likely...but still, um, unique.
Kevin found proof
Of media weanies. Really. Check his post at chinpokomon. I'm thinking its a good thing he didn't post pictures. Eeew. He does end it up with some helpful advice. As one of his commenters said, I'll never look at another 20/20 installment without thinking of this...
Mark Steyn, in the Telegraph
With another great one. Via Samizdata. Read it (and chuckle, as usual)
Watching the video of the 3d ID raid through southern Baghdad, it occurs to me this is a uniquely American tactic, adapted from US experiences in Southern California. Its was just a huge, well organized low-speed drive by shooting!
Sheikh Abu Hamza stripped of UK citizenship
Yes, Abu Hamza, a bin Laden cheerleader from way back, has been stripped of his UK citizenship. Hamza has been one of the most obnoxious fixtures associated with, among other things, Yemeni based terrorists, 9/11 'victory' celebrations, and generally disgusting and nauseating spewage from the Finsbury Park Mosque in London. So outrageous that even the Finsbury Park crowd tried to distance themselves from him, he is also memorable for being an advocate of the overthrow of the current British system, replacing it instead with Sharia Law. And he's as ugly on the outside as he appears to be on the inside, and his outward appearance is probably enough to even make 72 heavenly virgins (or rasisins, whatever) run in terror. Ha.
COALITION REDUCED TO THROWING ROCKS AT IRAQIS Gigantic, laser-guided rocks dropped from supersonic jet fighters that is!

These are basically blocks of concrete shaped as bombs and painted blue to identify them as non-explosive if they are discovered still intact after the war. But they will be laser-guided 1,000lb blocks of concrete, capable of destroying a tank or artillery piece, but without causing a devastating explosion that would put civilians at risk and shatter surrounding buildings.

Catapultam habeo. Nisi pecuniam omnem mihi dabis ad capul tuum saxum immane mittam - I have a catapult. Give me all the money or I will fling an enormous rock at your head. Words to live by.


See it now
Absolutely phenomenal. Near real time, very clear satellite feed footage from within the columns advancing along the highways into the outskirts of Baghdad. Live sat-phone reporting by an imbedded reporter, with the troops advancing into the city, listening to the assault in the background. Astounding.
US Troops in Baghdad
New competition - who will be the first to declare we are that much closer to quagmire, opine that we should stop before its too late, and/or are teetering on the brink of disaster? Will it be the Iraqi info minister? Anti-war Loonbat? or Democratic Presidential hopeful? Stop by your local bookie for the latest odds, as they are shifting too rapidly to track here. Side bets on whether or not one of the Iraqi information Ministry briefings will actually be interrupted in mid-denial of coalition troops in the city by US soldiers entering the room to participate in the Q & A session. Heh.
"Near the crest of the bridge across the Euphrates that Task Force 3-69 Armor of the 1st Brigade of the 3rd Infantry Division seized yesterday afternoon was a body that lay twisted from its fall. He had been an old man – poor, not a regular soldier – judging from his clothes. He was lying on his back, not far from one of several burning skeletons of the small trucks that Saddam Hussein's willing and unwilling irregulars employed. The tanks and Bradleys and Humvees and bulldozers and rocket launchers, and all the rest of the massive stuff that makes up the U.S. Army on the march, rumbled past him, pushing on."
Thus began Michael Kelly's article in yesterday's Washington Post - his last. Mr. Kelly became the first American embedded reporter to perish in the war, in a Humvee accident. Rest in Peace, Michael. Rest in peace.


Today in History: The Battle of Manners Street Yesterday in fact but I was busy and with the time zone I get some slack. On the 3rd of April 1943 friction between US and New Zealand servicemen reached a peak that resulted in the Battle of Manners right here in down town Wellington. There are many a varied versions of events, all hard to pin down since censorship was total. But I have managed to get what I think is a reasonable handle on it by referring to as many sources as possible (I could only find three on line and I was one of them) and by going to the font of all wisdom and knowledge, my father. What is accepted is that 6 pm on the evening of the 3rd – which was closing time for all drinking establishments – New Zealand soldiers (evidently sober) engaged in a “brawl” with US servicemen (mainly a little the worse for drink). The results have been stated as ranging from “a fight” to “a four hour running battle” with the results being, “some people were hurt” to “two Americans dead, many hospitalised”. It does appear that the Americans came off the worse of the encounter giving credence to the ambush theory. The cited causes have been listed as: “Bad attitude” on the part of the Americans, the, we’re here to save your asses defence. While this did occur it would appear generally that this was not a major issue. “Racism” This clearly was a problem as evidenced that a number of educational programs were instituted. It has been said the members of a unit of Georgian’s did not take too kindly to the men of the Maori Battalion and it is further alleged that they prevented these men from entering a combined services club. In truth I would have expected an instant and direct response from the North African vets. “Women” Well duh. It’s a hard choice really, a poorly paid man in baggy clothes who has been away form two years, or a well paid, well dressed, usually painfully polite man who is actually there! Worth noting, 1500 New Zealand women married US servicemen in spite of a lot official resistance from the US military. The real issue, I believe, was simply jealousy on the part of the New Zealand men combined with a serious case of disillusionment. The Ruapehu Draft, the first contingent of the NZ Div to be given leave after service in the Balkans, Crete and North Africa had come home to find that they had effectively been replaced by Americans who were better paid, better dressed and infinitely more popular with the ladies. There was also a strong feeling among them that they had been more or less forgotten about and the rest of the nation was carrying on as normal. “As if” one man recalled, “there was no war on”. Their frustration was extreme and many refused to re-embark to return to duty as they felt “no man should have to serve twice until every fit man had served once”. The draft was declared to be in a state of mutiny and courts martial were held with many losing their benefits and being dishonourably discharged. To put the timing in perspective it was on 6th April that the High Court overturned the courts martial, so it is reasonable to assume the guys were a little tense about the 3rd. And so there it is. There were reasons, not necessarily good ones on either side but it was an event that was repeated to a lesser degree in Auckland and throughout Australia whenever allied servicemen ended up in the same place. Whatever the reasons one point my father did make was that the stories that the 2nd NZEF were a bunch of bronzed gods who were the finest men ever to tread the earth and deal to Rommell was a myth. My grandfather, a sergeant in the division described them as being, “for the most part a bunch of bloody rat bags”. The divisions nickname, “Freyburg and his forty thousand thieves” apparently well earned. As may be, you still don’t want to get in their way.
Put up or shut up time for the peaceniks As one poll comes to a fleshy conclusion the next one is launched. We all know I have a twisted sense of humor and everyone is aware I'm not shy. So when this poll drops off the bottom I will be making every effort to let the lucky winner know that they are being invited on a speaking tour they'll never forget.
Overcome by circumstances, Fisk looks like even bigger idiot. Than usual
As both Alan and Meryl noted, at the same time, over on the Command Post, Robert Fisk's piece wondering 'where are the Americans? I'm at the airport and I don't see any' was released just about the time the US Colonel commanding the assault of Saddam International was announcing live on videophone from same to a Sky News correspondent that the field was about 75% in American hands at that point, and the remaining 25% was being mopped up quickly. Heh heh. Maybe someone took Fiskie's car apart again, and he just ghost filed from the hotel....
Lefty delusionalism on parade Anti war lefty Bonnie Weinstein just made the declaration on Fox's Hannity and Combs that the SF police officers that did not wear American Flags (a non standard item on the SFPD uniform) were making an obvious anti-war statement. Action through inaction - a movement GROWS! Combs read the SFPD official position that no extra ornamentation should be worn by the cops, to which she responded that everyone should have the right to express their opinion, even if she didn't agree with it. She was kind of lost for an answer as to why she complained about the cops wearing American flag bandanas in the first place... She also seemed at a loss for a comb and some shampoo, too. Loonbat.
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IRANIAN GIRL UNDERSTANDS ALL TOO WELL How is it that a teenage girl in Iran has a more secure grasp of things that most of the academics and journalists in the United States?

Yes, these protesters want peace & try to stop this war; so it seems that they want Iraqis although with so much oil, but always poor, hungry & under leadership of such a cruel man, & so weak & unable to stand against the regime & have their rights... actually this is the situation of Iraqis, so they need help; & who can be a supporter, better than US? Even, if as they say this war is for oil, what's wrong with fighting to take oil from a person who doesn't know its worth & just can not use it for the welfare of people...? I think & try to understand why are these people doing these kinds of things in streets to protest against the war , & still I can not find an answer ; but I'm sure that their freedom doesn't let them think about life without freedom!!!


Iraqi Army’s Defenses Seem Impenetrable - Robert Fisk, The Independent How, I kept asking myself, could the Americans batter their way through these defenses? For mile after mile they go on, slit trenches, ditches, earthen underground bunkers, palm groves of heavy artillery and truck loads of combat troops in battle fatigues and steel helmets.

When the allies get to Baghdad, you can ask them yourself Bobby, in between muttering "Stalingrad...ring of steel...partisan armies in the rear...heroic defence of the Motherland...mummy?"
HANDY HOUSEHOLD TIPS FROM NEW MEXICO Meryl Yourish points us in the direction of this...ah...well, it involves a very dead Elk and a couple of dogs, let's leave it at that shall we?

Here are some things I have learned, this Rosh Hashanah weekend: 1. almond milk removes elk blood from curtains and pillowcases, 2. We can all exercise superhuman strength when it comes to getting elk carcasses out of our yard, 3. The sight of elk ribcages hurtling over the fence really frightens the nice deputy sheriff who lives across the street

The holiness of living in the Land of Israel is all very well, but the benefits of living in galut are also real. I mean, if Rabbi Ben Bag Bag had lived in Taos rather than Jerusalem, the Talmud might have contained some decent tips on getting Elk blood out of curtains.
SOME THINGS DON'T NEED ANY COMMENT Like this stunning example of forward planning from an alleged member of the intelligentsia!

A best-selling British author is unable to attend the Auckland Writers and Readers Festival next month because he tore up his passport and sent it to Tony Blair in protest at the war in Iraq.



Todays lucky winner of my undivided attention. The following email has been sent to the nice people at xtra's aledged "news". On reading their take on the desecration at Etaples, I was not impressed to find thay had manged to miss the many Kiwis burried there. I'm getting too tied of letting so called reporters trying to control what I know about and what I should think so I hit them with this please explain. Journalists are accountable, I urge eveyone to make sure that they are aware of it. Subject: New Zealand war graves. From: "Murray Hill" Date: Wed, April 2, 2003 11:39 pm To: news@xtramsn.co.nz Priority: Normal Having read your article regarding the appalling desecration of the War Cemetery at Etaples http://xtramsn.co.nz/news/0,,3772-2254019,00.html I was disturbed by what at the very least appears to be some incredibly sloppy journalism. At worst, it has been deliberately slanted in an effort to avoid an adverse response from the New Zealand public. Firstly the title of the item: "French Vandals Desecrate Brit War Cemetery" is blatantly inaccurate. It is and always has been a Commonwealth War Cemetery. It in fact is the final resting place of some 11,436 men including the substantial number of New Zealanders I have taken the trouble to detail by unit for you below. The omission of the cemetery containing New Zealand war dead is ineptitude of a such a degree the retention of such a writer must be questioned. The off hand manner in which it was reported the cemetery contained mainly British with some Canadian,Australian and "some others" is deeply offensive when it seems apparent the omission of New Zealand was deliberate as the information was available in detail and easily accessible. Public interest at mention of it being a Commonwealth War Cemetery – which was avoided by characterising it as a “Brit” cemetery - would naturally provoke interest in whether or not New Zealand graves were there and a checking of this would be a minimum expectation. For a New Zealand news source to avoid any such mention is highly questionable. I would like an explanation as to whether this is a case of poor reporting or a matter of slanting a story to suit a political stance. Murray Hill Wellington New Zealand 1st Bn. (Auckland) 24 New Zealand 2nd Bn. (Auckland) 22 New Zealand 3rd Rifle Brigade 21 New Zealand 2nd Bn. (Otago) 20 New Zealand 1st Bn. (Otago) 20 New Zealand 2nd Bn. (Canterbury) 18 New Zealand 1st Bn. (Canterbury) 17 New Zealand 2nd Wellington Bn. 15 New Zealand 2nd Rifle Brigade 14 New Zealand 4th Rifle Brigade 12 New Zealand 1st Wellington Bn. 10 New Zealand 1st Rifle Brigade 9 New Zealand 3rd Bn. (Canterbury) 7 New Zealand Engineers 6 New Zealand Machine Gun Corps 6 New Zealand Maori Bn. 6 New Zealand 3rd Bn. (Otago) 4 New Zealand 3rd Bn. (Auckland) 4 New Zealand 3rd Wellington Bn. 3 New Zealand Army Chaplain 1 New Zealand Mounted Rifles 1 New Zealand Cyclist Bn. 1
Competition Winner: Presenting one of our pair of winners, Cassandra. As you can see she is a great sport and has very generously presented you with copious quantities of flesh. While not actually "naked" as such, I did say at the outset that the results would depend on the good will of the winner. The lengths I go to for you people!
Our other winner, Sarah, has not yet presented an image for posting. At last contact we got an "I'll think about it!!" The multiple aplication of punctuation is never a good sign but we live in hope. One more thing, lets see anyone pull off this sort of behaviour on a so called "liberal" site with be burned in effigy, if not in person. Update: "Cassandra, the screen saver" now available, till she finds out.
I HAVE BEEN THINKING: Following a discussion on the French (a few posts below - permalink broken): I think it is still important to find out whether those were French or Arabs that did that. Granted, even if they were Arabs, the absense of vocal condemnation from the French public and government speaks volumes of the French attitude, but part of it would be the fact that the French are scared as hell of their Arabs. However, if those were French that did it, I say let the Arabs take over that lousy country anyway. On second thought, when France becomes the next Islamic Republic, and starts growing and training bin-Ladens of its own, we'll have no choice but to come and liberate them. Oh, how wonderful it will be to see French women showing their faces in public again! What is it I hear you saying? We will not liberate them? Carpet bomb them? Nuke them? Women and children? Come on, it must be that beer talking again.
LOOKS LIKE I'M NOT THE ONLY ONE... ...making alterations to my citizenship as a political protest. Now it's Mark Steyn who has trouble with 'er indoors.

Meanwhile, I find myself in the unprecedented position of being temporarily the least immoderate adult in my household. My wife, who was born in England, says she's ashamed to be Canadian and wants to renounce her citizenship. She only became a citizen five months ago, so that'd rank as the fastest turnaround on record. The missus took her oath of allegiance to the Queen (of Canada) mainly out of spousal solidarity, and she feels suckered -- like when you sign one of those petitions in the mall without really looking at it and you're in the paper next day calling for the age of consent to be lowered to seven.

On a slightly related note - what is wrong with Jean Chretien anyway? His head is shaped weirdly, and he looks like a giant Spitting Image puppet of himself, if such a thing is possible. Can there be people who are already such caricatures that satire simply becomes redundant when applied to them?
"GO TELL THE SPARTANS, STRANGER PASSING BY, THAT HERE, OBEDIENT TO THEIR LAWS WE LIE" This is the War Cemetery at Etaples, in Picardy. Nearly 12,000 Allied servicemen who died in WWI, and a few from WWII, lie buried here. Last night a filthy coward with clearly no fear of the Eternal Judge, and hate in his/her/it's heart, scrawled obscenities on the memorial. You can view it here.

The neighborhood of the cemetery became during the war, the scene of immense concentrations of British reinforcement camps and of British hospitals. It was remote from attack, except by aircraft, and it was accessible by railway from either the northern or the southern battlefields. In 1917, 100,000 troops were camped among the sand dunes, and the hospitals (which included 11 General, 1 Stationary and 4 Red Cross Hospitals and a convalescent depot) could deal with 22,000 wounded or sick. In September 1919, 10 months after the Armistice, 3 hospitals and the QMAAC convalescent depot remained. The earliest burial in the cemetery dates from May 1915. The area is 59,049 sq meters; the graves are 11,436 in number and included those of three Belgian and 657 German soldiers. They lie below three terraces, the midmost of which carries the war stone and two pylons, and the highest is dominated by the cross, and from the cross a path leads through a pinewood to the road. In addition, from the 1939 - 45 war, there are a total of 122 war dead, of which 40 casualties are wholly unidentified.

Here is the breakdown of who is buried in that place, and even more detail information can be viewed here. BRITISH Royal Field Artillery 584 Royal Engineers 302 Royal Garrison Artillery 271 Northumberland Fusiliers 258 Machine Gun Corps 244 Royal Fusiliers (City Of London Regt) 243 Kings Liverpool Regt 203 Gordon Highlanders 199 West Yorkshire Regt 188 Royal Scots (Lothian Regt) 178 Seaforth Highlanders 163 Middlesex Regt 156 Durham Light Inf 153 Royal Army Medical Corps 142 Kings Royal Rifle Corps 135 Manchester Regt 135 Rifle Brigade 128 Duke of Wellingtons (West Riding Regt) 127 South Staffordshire Regt 125 Lincolnshire Regt 125 Army Service Corps 124 Lancashire Fusliers 117 Kings Own Yorkshire Light Infantry 116 Sherwood Foresters (Notts & Derbys Regt) 112 York and Lancaster Regt 107 Royal Welsh Fusiliers 103 Highland Light Infantry 101 Queens (Royal West Surrey Regt) 97 Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders 96 Black Watch (Royal Highlanders) 94 Border Regt 93 East Yorkshire Regt 92 Yorkshire Regt (Green Howards) 91 Essex Regt 90 Royal Warwickshire Regt 87 Worcestershire Regt 85 Hampshire Regt 83 Cheshire Regt 81 Suffolk Regt 81 Loyal North Lancashire Regt 79 Royal Lancaster Regt 78 Royal Berkshire Regt 71 Kings Shropshire Light Inf 71 Grenadier Guards 70 Ox and Bucks Light Infantry 69 Cameronians (Scottish Rifles) 68 South Lancashire Regt 66 Bedfordshire Regt 64 Gloucestershire Regt 62 Royal Sussex Regt 62 Cameron Highlanders 61 Royal Army Service Corps 61 Kings Own Scottish Borderers 60 Royal West Kent Regt (Queens Own) 60 Devonshire Regt 59 East Lancashire Regt 59 Leicestershire Regt 55 Somerset Light Infantry 53 Royal Scots Fusiliers 52 19th Bn London Regt (St. Pancras) 51 1st Life Guards 51 East Surrey Regt 49 Buffs (East Kent Regt) 48 South Wales Borderers 48 Norfolk Regt 48 North Staffordshire Regt 46 Welsh Regiment 41 Royal Dublin Fusiliers 39 Duke of Cornwalls Light Inf 38 Coldstream Guards 38 Irish Guards 36 Royal Naval Division, Royal Marines Light Inf 36 Honourable Artillery Coy 35 Wiltshire Regt 35 Royal Air Force 34 Dorsetshire Regt 33 Scots Guards 33 Northamptonshire Regt 33 Royal Irish Rifles 30 14th Bn London Regt (London Scottish) 27 Tank Corps 27 9th Bn London Regt (Queen Victorias Rifles) 23 Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers 21 1st Bn London Regt (Royal Fusiliers) 20 Royal Flying Corps 19 12th Bn London Regt (The Rangers) 17 Leinster Regt 17 Royal Irish Fusiliers 17 5th Bn London Regt (London Rifle Brigade) 16 22nd Bn London Regt (The Queens) 16 Royal Horse Artillery 16 Welsh Guards 15 Monmouthshire Regt 15 Royal Irish Regt 15 16th Bn London Regt (Queens Westminster Refles) 14 8th Bn London Regt (Post Office Rifles) 14 Royal Naval Division, Anson Bn 14 Royal Naval Division, Hood Bn 13 Army Vetinary Corps 13 Labour Corps 13 21st Bn London Regt (1st Surrey Rifles) 13 4th Bn London Regt (Royal Fusiliers) 12 15th Bn London Regt (PWO, Civil Service Rifles ) 12 18th Bn London Regt (London Irish Rifles) 12 Royal Munster Fusilier 12 17th Bn London Regt (Poplar & Stepney Rifles) 11 Royal Naval Division, Howe 11 1st Household Bn 11 Royal Guernsey Light Infantry 10 28th Bn London Regt (Artists Rifles) 10 3rd Dragoon Guards (Prince of Wales's) 10 20th Bn London Regt (Blackheath & Woolwich) 10 13th Bn London Regt (Kensington) 9 Army Cyclist Corps 9 Royal Naval Division, Drake Bn 9 Royal Army Ordanance Corps 8 3rd Bn London Regt ( Royal Fusiliers) 7 23rd Bn London Reg 7 Royal Naval Division, Hawke Bn 7 24th Bn London Regt (The Queens) 7 Cambridgeshire Regt 7 Royal Naval Division, Nelson Bn 7 2nd Bn London Regt (Royal Fusiliers) 6 Military Police Corps 6 6th Bn London Regt (London Rifles) 5 Hertfordshire Regt 5 11th Hussars (Prince Alberts Own) 5 QMAAC 5 2nd Dragoon (Royal Scots Greys) 5 7th Bn London Regt 4 5th Dragoon Guards (Princess Charlotte of Wales's) 4 9th Lancers (Queens Royal) 4 1st Dragoons (Royal) 4 10th Hussars (Prince of Wales Own Royal) 4 Royal Army Vetinary Corps 4 Guards Machine Gun Regt 4 Mercantile Marine, SS "Huntsmore" 4 6th Dragoon Guards (Carabiniers) 3 Royal Horse Guards 3 YMCA 3 3rd Hussars (Kings Own) 3 4th Hussars (Queens Own) 3 2/3rd Bn London Regt (Royal Fusiliers) 3 2nd Dragoon Guards (Queens Bays) 3 2/2nd Bn London Regt (Royal Fusiliers) 3 Queens A Imperial Military Nursing Service 3 Civilian 3 Non Combattants Corps 3 Royal Naval Division, Medical Unit 3 Connaught Rangers 3 12th Lancers (Prince of Wales's Royal ) 3 2/5th Bn London Regt (London Rifle Brigade) 2 10th Bn London Regt (Hackney) 2 Royal Naval Division, Machine Gun Coy 2 Royal Naval Division, Royal Marine Artillery 2 2/7th Bn London Regt 2 2/12th Bn London Regt (The Rangers) 2 Northamptonshire Yeomanry 2 2/4th Bn London Regt (Royal Fusiliers) 2 20th Hussars 2 19th Hussars (Queen Alexandra's Own Royal ) 2 2/6th Bn London Regt (London Rifles) 2 Voluntary Aid Detachements 2 Queens Own Oxfordshire Hussars 2 6th Dragoons (Inniskilling) 2 2nd Life Guards 2 14th Hussars (Kings) 1 Royal Navy HMS Victory 1 Lincolnshire Yeomanry 1 Royal Navy HMS President VI 1 1st Dragoon Guards (Kings Royal) 1 18th Hussars (Queen Mary's Own) 1 Royal Navy HMS Eden 1 17th Lancers (Duke of Cambridge's Own) 1 7th Hussars (Queens Own) 1 Lena Ashwell Concert Party 1 City of London Yeomanry (Rough Riders) 1 Chinese Labour Corps 1 North Somerset Yeomany 1 Army Pay Corps 1 13th Hussars ` 1 Royal Hussars (Gloucestershire) 1 Warwickshire Yeomanry 1 Royal Naval Division, Divisional Train 1 11th Bn London Regt (Finsbury Rifles) 1 1/1st Staffordshire Yeomanry 1 Belgian Motorcyclist 1 North Irish Horse 1 1/1st Huntingdonshire Cyclist Bn 1 2nd Household Bn 1 Special List 1 30th Bn London Regt 1 King Edwards Horse 1 29th Bn London Regt 1 34th Bn London Regt 1 Scottish Churches 1 23rd Lancers 1 Infantry Base Depot 1 Leicestershire Yeomanry 1 Chaplain to the Forces 1 1st King Edwards Horse 1 1/1st East Riding Yeomanry 1 2/14th Bn London Regt (London Scottish) 1 4th Dragoon Guards (Royal Irish) 1 General List 1 St John's Ambulance Brigade 1 5th Lancers (Royal Irish) 1 2/2nd Lovatts Scouts 1 Territorial Nursing Service 1 2/24th Bn London Regt (The Queens) 1 2/20th Bn London Regt (Blackheath & Woolwich) 1 2/1st Sussex Yeomanry 1 2/1st Bn London Regt (Royal Fusiliers) 1 3rd County of London (Sharpshooters) 1 COMMONWEALTH AND OTHERS Canadian Engineers 73 Canadian Army Medical Corps 71 Canadian Mounted Rifles 65 Canadian Field Artillery 65 Canadian Machine Gun Corps 48 Australian Field Artillery 35 Canadian Inf. 1st Bn. (Ontario) 31 Canadian Inf. 10th Bn. 29 Australian Engineers 27 Canadian Inf. 42nd Bn. (R. Highlanders) 26 Canadian Inf. 7th Bn. (1st British Columbia) 26 British West Indies Regt. 26 Canadian Inf. 8th Bn. (90th Rifles) 24 Canadian 5th Bn. (Western Cav.) 24 New Zealand 1st Bn. (Aukland) 24 Canadian Inf. 52nd Bn. (New Ontario) 22 New Zealand 2nd Bn. (Aukland) 22 New Zealand 3rd Rifle Brigade 21 New Zealand 2nd Bn. (Otago) 20 Canadian Inf. 24th Bn. (Victoria Rifles) 20 Canadian Inf. 13th Bn. (Royal Highlanders) 20 New Zealand 1st Bn. (Otago) 20 Canadian Inf. 58th Bn. 20 New Zealand Field Artillery 20 Canadian (PPCLI) 19 Canadian Inf. 47th Bn. (British Columbia) 19 Canadian Inf. 2nd Bn. (East Ontario) 19 Royal Newfoundland Regt. 18 Canadian Inf. 49th Bn. (Edmonton) 18 Canadian Inf. 54th Bn. (Kootenay) 18 Canadian Inf. 25th Bn. (Nova Scotia Rifles) 18 Canadian Inf. 19th Bn. (Central Ontario) 18 South African Inf. 4th Regiment 18 New Zealand 2nd Bn. (Canterbury) 18 New Zealand 1st Bn. (Canterbury) 17 Canadian Inf. 31st Bn. (Alberta) 17 Canadian Inf. 18th Bn. (W. Ontario) 17 Canadian Inf. 4th Bn. (Toronto) 17 Canadian Inf. 26th Bn. (New Brunswick) 17 Canadian Inf. 43rd Bn. (Cameron Highlanders) 16 Canadian Inf. 75th Bn. (Mississauga) 15 Canadian Inf. 14th Bn. (Royal Montreal Regt.) 15 Canadian Garrison Artillery 15 Canadian Inf. 3rd Bn. (Toronto) 15 New Zealand 2nd Wellington Bn. 15 Australian Machine Gun Corps 15 South African Inf. 3rd Regiment 14 New Zealand 2nd Rifle Brigade 14 18th Bn. Australian Infantry (New South Wales) 14 Canadian Inf. 50th Bn. (Calgary) 14 South African Inf. 2nd Regiment 14 49th Bn. Australian Infantry (Queensland) 14 6th Bn. Australian Infantry (Victoria) 14 Canadian Inf. 27th Bn. (City of Winnipeg) 13 19th Bn. Australian Infantry (New South Wales) 13 Canadian Inf. 20th Bn. (Central Ontario) 13 Canadian Inf. 72nd Bn. (Seaforth Highlanders) 13 13th Bn. Australian Infantry (New South Wales) 12 2nd Bn. Australian Infantry (New South Wales) 12 Canadian Inf. 16th Bn. (Canadian Scottish) 12 Canadian Inf. 44th Bn. 12 Canadian Railway Troops 12 Canadian Army Service Corps 12 New Zealand 4th Rifle Brigade 12 Canadian Inf. 78th Bn. (Winnipeg Grenadiers) 12 8th Bn. Australian Infantry (Victoria) 12 Canadian Inf. 87th Bn. (Grenadier Guards) 12 9th Bn. Australian Infantry (Queensland) 12 Canadian Forestry Corps 12 Indian Royal Field Artillery 11 Canadian Inf. 15th Bn. (48th Highlanders) 11 Canadian Inf. 21st Bn. (E. Ontario) 11 11th Bn. Australian Infantry (West Australia) 11 Canadian Inf. 46th Bn. (S. Saskatchewan) 11 Canadian Labour Corps 11 12th Bn. Australian Infantry (South & West Australia) 10 Canadian Inf. 29th Bn. (Vancouver) 10 Canadian Inf. 85th Bn. 10 45th Bn. Australian Infantry (New South Wales) 10 Canadian Pnrs. 10 Canadian Inf. 22nd Bn. (Canadien Francais) 10 1st Bn. Australian Infantry (New South Wales) 10 Canadian Inf. 38th Bn. (Ottawa) 10 New Zealand 1st Wellington Bn. 10 Australian Army Medical Corps 9 51st Bn. Australian Infantry (West Australia) 9 South African Labour Corps 9 27th Bn. Australian Infantry (South Australia) 9 Canadian Inf. 28th Bn. (North-West) 9 New Zealand 1st Rifle Brigade 9 24th Bn. Australian Infantry (Victoria) 9 7th Bn. Australian Infantry (Victoria) 8 26th Bn. Australian Infantry (Queensland & Tasmania) 8 Canadian Inf. 116th Bn. 8 23rd Bn. Australian Infantry (Victoria) 8 22nd Bn. Australian Infantry (Victoria) 8 20th Bn. Australian Infantry (New South Wales) 7 New Zealand 3rd Bn. (Canterbury) 7 Australian Pnrs. 7 25th Bn. Australian Infantry (Queensland) 7 Canadian Inf. 60th Bn. (Victoria Rifles) 7 47th Bn. Australian Infantry (Queensland & Tasmania) 7 Canadian (Royal Canadian Regt.) 6 New Zealand Engineers 6 10th Bn. Australian Infantry (South Australia) 6 Indian Syce Coy. 6 28th Bn. Australian Infantry (West Australia) 6 21st Bn. Australian Infantry (Victoria) 6 46th Bn. Australian Infantry (Victoria) 6 New Zealand Machine Gun Corps 6 New Zealand Maori Bn. 6 52nd Bn. Australian Infantry (S. & W.Australia & Tasmania) 6 4th Bn. Australian Infantry (New South Wales) 6 4th Bn. Australian Infantry (New South Wales) 5 32nd Bn. Australian Infantry (South & West Australia) 5 44th Bn. Australian Infantry 5 40th Bn. Australian Infantry 5 50th Bn. Australian Infantry (South Australia) 5 39th Bn. Australian Infantry 5 5th Bn. Australian Infantry (Victoria) 5 3rd Bn. Australian Infantry (New South Wales) 5 South African Inf. 1st Regiment 5 Indian Labour Corps 5 Canadian Inf. 102nd Bn. 5 Canadian Cavalry 5 41st Bn. Australian Infantry 4 South African Heavy Artillery 4 17th Bn. Australian Infantry (New South Wales) 4 New Zealand 3rd Bn. (Otago) 4 New Zealand 3rd Bn. (Aukland) 4 33rd Bn. Australian Infantry 4 38th Bn. Australian Infantry 4 Canadian Inf. 73rd Bn. (Royal Highlanders) 4 48th Bn. Australian Infantry (South & West Australia) 4 55th Bn. Australian Infantry (New South Wales) 4 60th Bn. Australian Infantry (Victoria) 4 New Zealand 3rd Wellington Bn. 3 42nd Bn. Australian Infantry 3 West India Regt. 3 31st Bn. Australian Infantry (Queensland) 3 Australian Trench Mortar Battery 3 29th Bn. Australian Infantry (Victoria) 3 Canadian Army Nursing Service 3 53rd Bn. Australian Infantry (New South Wales) 3 South Africa (Cape Horse Transport Coy.) 3 56th Bn. Australian Infantry (New South Wales) 3 14th Bn. Australian Infantry (Victoria) 3 58th Bn. Australian Infantry (Victoria) 3 35th Bn. Australian Infantry 2 30th Bn. Australian Infantry (New South Wales) 2 Canadian Ordnance Corps 2 34th Bn. Australian Infantry 2 Canadian (Royal Horse Artillery) 2 Canadian Army Dental Corps 2 Canadian (Lord Strathcona's Horse) 2 Canadian (Royal Canadian Dragoons) 2 Canadian Inf. 123rd Bn. 2 57th Bn. Australian Infantry (Victoria) 2 Australian Army Service Corps 2 Indian Syce Coy, 1 Canadian (Royal Canadian Horse) 1 22nd Australian Infantry (Victoria) 1 Canadian Corps (Gas Services) 1 Canadian Chaplain to the Forces 1 New Zealand Army Chaplain 1 New Zealand Mounted Rifles 1 Indian Royal Artillery 1 Australian Flying Corps 1 16th Bn. Australian Infantry (South & West Australia) 1 54th Bn. Australian Infantry (New South Wales) 1 59th Bn. Australian Infantry (Victoria) 1 Canadian (Fort Garry Horse) 1 South African Medical Corps 1 New Zealand Cyclist Bn. 1 Canadian Army Gym Staff 1 Canadian Inf. 107th Bn. 1 Canadian Light Horse 1 Canadian Inf. 45th Bn. 1 37th Bn. Australian Infantry 1 36th Bn. Australian Infantry 1 Canadian Army Vetinary Corps 1 Indian Royal Horse Artillery 1 Canadian Inf. Base Depot 1 Indian Royal Garrison Artillery 1 Canadian Army Nursing Corps 1 Canadian Royal Garrison Artillery 1 Canadian Cyclist Bn. 1 India Gurkha Rifles 1 Australian Cyclist Corps 1 43rd Bn. Australian Infantry 1 Canadian Inf. 124th Bn. 1 Apparently this "garbage" is polluting the soil of France. Of course, without the sacrifice made by the young men who died, France would not exist. Might I suggest we all write politely worded letters to our respective French Embassies, asking that this case be investigated thoroughly. I think I'll stop writing now, the Prozac and Valium are starting to wear off. I can tell by the red mist that keeps descending and the urge to kill....


10 relevant observations
From Victor Davis Hanson, over at NRO. The final one -
When war actually starts, the efficacy and professionalism of the American military tend to silence rather than incite its critics, as the example of brave soldiers seeking to free Iraq makes a sorry contrast with “Not in Our Name,” ANSWER, and the assorted likes of Peter Arnett, Hans Blix, and Dominque de Villepin. Americans always prefer to see brave young men fighting for ideals than pampered critics for a few minutes vomiting in public in San Francisco or staging die-ins on the pavement in Washington — before driving home to resume their comfortable lives only made possible by those sleeping now in the sands of Iraq.
I don't know if I'd say 'silence' the critics, seems to me it either makes them go completely whacko, or adopt a much more subtle approach.
SR makes splash in Italy
Checking the referral logs, I was intrigued to find an Italian domain name. Following the link, I came across antifranza. Although my Italian is limited to navigating a restaraunt menu, two things are crystal clear that make me like this blog - 1) They don't like France 2) They link to Silent Running as a 'blog interessanti' Que bello! Grazie molto.


404 - Page not found
On this link. Ahhhhhhhhhh. I may make that page a daily read, or just whenever I'm feeling blue... (Stolen brazenly from The Emperor)
Well, hell, everyone's doing it now...
Blogging. Even Saddam has one now! Does this mean a JDAM is inbound on Blogspot? To paraphrase Homer: Do I dare dream the blogger's dream? I agree with M3. Shame on Laurence for not marketing this better...
Welcome Instaviewers
In an update to Tom's tale from the Robert Fisk School of Automobile Touring for the Terminally Clueless, Murray relates:
The prick was lucky, if I'd been commanding the road block he'd still be putting the car back together. I was taught by a fomer Scots Guardsman who did two tours. I never knew a car had so many bits that can come off without tools.
In the Haifa District Court
Jihad Hamadeh befriended Yassin and Ibrahim Bakri. He called them up and told them he had won the homicide bomber lottery. They agreed to help him. They gave him a place to stay. They gave him clothing to help him blend in. They drove him to the bus station. They pointed out Bus 361, and told him what to tell the driver when he boarded so as not to arouse suspicion. At the Meron Junction, on the 4th of August, Hamadeh detonated the explosive belt he was wearing, killing nine, and wounding 51. Today, the district court in Haifa sentenced these two enablers to nine life sentences each for their role in this act of brutal, pre-meditated murder. In response to their family's pleas for mercy from the court, the Court President wrote in the verdict
"one who lends his hand to bereave, one who lends his hand to murder, one who lends his hand to disable and to hurt, one who harms his state and his land and tramples on the values of his nation, his faith and his family is not worthy of the mercy of the court."
The families of the victims, some said they were satisfied with the verdict. The mercy here is that those families weren't allowed to rip these two apart, limb from limb, not unlike what happened to their relatives. On a bizarre related note, the Bakri family is suing the tabloids for libeling them by referring to them all as terrorist accomplices. Maybe they should just apply for the terrorist accomplice compensation fee, and call it even. But they'd better hurry, the payout window is closing, rapidly. (Via Ha'aretz)
SR readers, meet Kevin; Kevin, meet both SR readers...
Now that you've been introduced, if you haven't met him already, go check out chinpokomon. Yeah, he's a Navy guy, but he's over in that Undisclosed Middle Eastern Country™ area, and since Bruce and Murray's Dad was Navy, I'm figuring he's ok. Besides, anybody that posts pictures of guys pissing on Sand Dunes is alright in our book. (Via LGF comments section)
Whatever one might think of the Rachel Corrie bulldozer debacle, it has had an impact. The Hebrew-language website Ynet quotes a senior IDF official as saying that the army is officially abandoning the tactic of bulldozing houses in Gaza because the army "has come to the conclusion that the damage to Israel's image internationally is greater than its effectiveness" as a terror-fighting tool. The right is condemning it as the military capitulating to the media. A left-wing politician, Ran Cohen of Meretz hailed it, saying that that "world public opinion has managed to accomplish what morality and common sense failed to acheive."


Despite all evidence to the contrary...
(Note: also posted at the CP Op/Ed page...)
Patrick Tyler, in this NYT article leads off with the news of the 3d ID beginning probing attacks against RG positions of the outer Baghdad defensive ring. He quotes a field unit spokesman saying they are 'maintaining the initiative'. He includes words from Gen. Franks, contradicting yet again the concept of a 'pause' in operations. But then he jumps right into proclaiming that momentum has stalled due to 'fierce attacks' on supply lines, and obliquely references the beltway sniping at the SecDef in recent days. Both activities are superfluous to what's actually happening at the front. The beans and bullets are getting through, and all the sore-toed sour grapes being tossed at Rumsfeld are having the same effect that Feydayeen with AK-47's are having against Bradleys and Abrams tanks. Taylor can't let it go, flatly stating that the regime hasn't crumbled as quickly as imagined, despite a growing number of reports of individual Iraqis beginning to point out the Ba'athists for the benefit of Allied targeting. Citing the 'seasoning' that the 3d ID has received through fire and sandstorm, he mentions that they've been 'mired' for a whole week surrounding Najaf. This article is a clear example of the syndrome Steven Den Beste describes in this opinion piece at USS Clueless. Basically, Steven points out that no matter how efficiently or quickly this is rolled up, that because US troops don't live up to pre-war expectations of the 15 minute news cycle, they won't have 'beat the spread' and thus, its somehow a failure, or not quite good enough. Well folks, this thing is barely a week and a half old, and we're basically dusting ourselves off getting ready to ring the front doorbell of Baghdad. We've virtually decapitated the leadership from the field, if not actually. We've opened and are sustaining operations on three fronts - from the southeast, the north, and from the west. Still qualifies as 'Hyper War' in my book.
Flexibility is the key to Airpower
Which is the point that a reader makes to Jonah Goldberg in this letter posted at The Corner. I'd file this one under 'how things work.'
Another installment of Whittle
...is up. This one is titled History, and is well worth the time it will take to read it. I live very close to the main corridor between Washington and Richmond, and can attest to the moving nature Bill describes that these places evoke. It comes simply from seeing the signs along the drive up and back, with familiar names. To actually walk these fields leaves one with feelings that almost cannot be expressed in words - but once again, Bill comes through. His descriptions are all too familiar to what I've felt standing in the field at Yorfktown, looking in one direction at the British lines, then turning to see the American and French positions - close, so close, and to visualize them, standing there, as they were, at such a pivotal time. Enough of my babbling - Bill puts it much better than I could ever hope to. As the saying goes - go, now, read it, if you haven't already.
I CAN'T TAKE THE SHAME New Zealand's cowardly, ignorant, and deeply anti-American government of ex-student politicians has brought everlasting disgrace and ignomony on my country. Up until the advent of Dear Leader Helen, my country had a proud tradition of pulling its weight and maybe a bit more in the struggles for freedom. We were a small but proud Western nation, founded on the Anglospheric principles of free speech, rule of law, and democracy. No more. In a futile, doomed attempt to appease what cannot be appeased, my government is stabbing its most important ally in the back, and refusing to even endorse the current anti-fascist war, let alone send troops. New Zealand is sliding down a slope towards international isolation and irrelevance. I grew up in a country which seems to have died somewhere along the way and been replaced by some hideous distortion. Valueless, authoritarian, rigid and dull, this new New Zealand is being sapped of its very identity, and is having it replaced with...well, with nothing really. I will never be ashamed of my country, or of being a New Zealander. There is a silver fern engraved on my heart that no snivelling nanny-state government of self-haters and anti-western fifth columnists can ever erase. But today I made the strongest possible protest any New Zealander can make. I sent away for the forms required to take out Australian citizenship. I will hold dual citizenship, making me a true ANZAC. And I will belong to at least ONE country with a government prepared to step up and do what's right. For an insight into how I feel, here's Canadian writer David Warren, who seems to have precisely the same feelings as me.

The voice, like Mr. Young's, reminds me of the Canada from which I myself came, the country of my birth. The Canada of my parents, and of their parents, the Canada that remains, in my heart. Of my grandfather who saw Vimy Ridge, and my dad who learned to fly a Spitfire. The Canada that came before the Canada of today, before the Canada of Jean Chrétien -- before this New Canada that makes me heartsick, as it does several millions of my fellow Canadians -- that fills us with such a deep sense of shame. This New Canada, and these New Canadians -- who can no longer look an American, nor a Briton, nor an Australian in the eye. This Canada that despatched its few remaining available soldiers hurriedly to peacekeeping duties in Afghanistan, as a kind of insurance, in case the Americans asked for help. ("Sorry! We gave at the office.") "How dare you!" I have felt, listening to the latest poll-driven volte-face from the most contemptible prime minister this country ever had; or to the little anti-American licks from the lickspittles who people his offices and benches -- Françoise Ducros ("moron"), Benoit Serré ("trigger-happy"), Colleen Beaumier ("how many children?"), Carolyn Parrish ("bastards"), Herb Dhaliwal ("let the world down"), and Mr. Chrétien himself. ("Not everyone around the world is prepared to take the word of the United States on faith" -- and he said this in Chicago.) If any American, or Briton, or Australian, or free man or woman, should happen to be reading this, I want you to know that I am not speaking only for myself. I am speaking on behalf, quite literally, of millions of Canadians, who are every bit as disgusted as you are with our country. You have the same kind of people -- you will know perfectly well -- within your own countries. The difference is, in Canada they are in charge.

This is not politics as usual. This is a once in a lifetime moment of crisis. It's time to pick sides. I have.
BUT HELEN SAID WE'D BE FINE... How can there be terrorist scares in the Shire? The Dear Leader said all we had to do to get off the Islamofascist shit list was to resign our membership in Western Civilisation and declare ourselves neutral. This can't be happening to us! Well, according to the latest information from my brother Murray on the other side of the Tasman, it sems there are plenty of people who are taking the threat very seriously indeed. Mostly they tend to be those wearing blue uniforms. For a start, it's clear the cops are taking absolutely no chances with anything remotely suspicious.

There were long delays for motorists in the Hutt Valley after a suspicious suitcase was found at the side of State Highway 2. Army bomb disposal experts checked the suitcase and the highway was closed between Haywards Hill and the Kennedy Good bridge for four hours. Inspector Ian Manawaiti said a motorist saw the suitcase beside a post about 7 am Sunday morning, and the sergeant who checked it wasn't prepared to take any risks. He says the closure had been longer than expected because there were problems with equipment and the army had to bring in a second robot device.

And of course today was the deadline for our own home-grown terror-groupie to make good on his/her/it's threats to kill us all. Needless to say, nothing happened at midday. Two hours later, nothing happened again. I think I'm detecting a pattern. Still, nerves are a tad frayed.

Many parts of New Zealand were on heightened alert on Friday due to an anonymous terror threat made in a letter sent to a newspaper. The letter was sent to the New Zealand Herald last month, with those responsible saying they would use cyanide and explosives and March 28 would be the day that they would strike. Midday was meant to be the time when threats would be carried out. Although the time came without incident , the police communications centre in Wellington was kept busy answering threats to several public buildings in the capital. The threatening calls were made from a phone box. Police also say two new letters making threats against US, British and Australian interest in New Zealand have been received by the New Zealand Herald. The police head of counter terrorism John White says the letters' contents are being analysed but cyanide was present. He says the letters make specific threats about food and drink products.

Murray also adds:

Another incident which I only caught part off involves someone having purchased food that was found to have been tampered with and contained a white powder. A supermarket has been closed and quarantined as a result while police investigate and the substance is analysed. I am unable to find any details on line as yet. I'll update you after the late news.

Even more interesting is that all this stuff is barely getting a mention in the New Zealand media. Gee, it's almost as if the journalists were trying to play it down for fear of making Helen look like an idiot or something...
Netanya. Again
Up to 41 people injured, but no direct bystander fatalities at a mall in Netanya. Alert security guard barred the bomber from entering a cafe. Islamic Jihad is claiming credit. Is the rush on to get the compensation money before sugar daddy Saddam gets put out of business?
His body was found outside the cafe, eyewitnesses said.
All over the outside of the cafe, more likely. Creating yet another mural of testament to idiocy.