Tim Blair is ATTACKED!
But fortunately, lives to relate the tale of a pitched, back and forth battle, from which he barely escaped with his life. Archives are still bloggered, but it should be near the top.
Russell, Nerd is spelled with an 'e'
Sometimes I've noticed that some of the most militant non-smokers are in fact ex-smokers. Apropos of nothing, but I can't help but make the same observation about Russell's post about Gene Rodenberry's vision of life in Star Trek=Marxism. He's correct, and states the case very well, as always. But the vehemence...hmmm. He does admit, somewhat grudgingly, that he watched quite a few of the episodes, including Voyager. C'mon Russell. It was really Seven of Nine, wasn't it? Or was it a Janeway thing? Hmmmm. Tell it all brother, tell it all. And yes, Farscape was much better television sci-fi, not just because it was made in New Zealand.
Another referendum on the internet
Is being sponsored by Frank over at IMAO. There is absolutely no truth to the rumor that Frank was unable to convince former President Carter to oversee the fairness of this election, and report an incidents of polling place violence, having to settle instead for getting Cedric from the Quick Mart stoppin by with a 6-pack to check out how it is all shakin out. Head on over and make your voice (and mouse click) thunder! Vote MONKEY. Vote often! And remember, vote MONKEY. (This has been an unpaid public service announcment, in no way connected with anything. Really.)
In other news from The Reynolds State
Or, other details you could go without hearing about. Happy to bring them to everyone's attention. Ouch. But there is an opportunity to vote in a useless poll, after you involuntarily flinch.


I can understand someone disagreeing with a political position, or heaping scorn on a statement that they do not agree with. But can someone explain to me why it is necessary for some on the left to basically misrepresent, in other words lie, about a position or statement and then whip up an argument more to their liking? Is it an extension of the post-modernistic approach, in that everything is perception based, and therefore, if a group feels threatened or like raising a snit about a pet issue, that anyone going anywhere near it is subject to being the opponent to their argument, whether or not the points made are relevant to the activist's argument, or only in a broad tangential way? And is it also a necessary part of this tact to ascribe motivations, thoughts, and concepts not enunciated by the target of such use, so long as it furthers the straw man argument? Apparently so. In three recent episodes, this pattern of assault, that of basically advancing a lie, has been employed. To bring these episodes up will certainly, to some, indicate that I'm talking about racism, or religion in the classroom, or sodomy. I really don't want to talk about any of those things. See, I can't get to the merits of those discussions, because I keep getting stuck at the point of realizing that a lot of the folks making the most hoo-ha out of the events in question are lying. Plain and simply, lying. Example number one. Trent Lott's asinine off the cuff boneheaded remarks at Strom Thurmond's birthday gathering. Holy crap batman. Yeah, I saw the video on that, and at the time, I recognized that I'd probably just witnessed one of the dumbest things I'd ever hear a sitting politician say. I did not, however, hear Trent Lott fervently endorsing Jim Crow, or slavery, or any number of other things that the critics of his remarks ascribed to him. I also was not able to telepathically discern exactly what was on Trent's apparently over gigglish and vapid mind at that particular moment. But just because I missed it, to listen to quite a few of the folks throwing rocks, you could have almost bet that he was broadcasting with such psychic volume that dogs in Alberta Canada began barking, for no reason that their owners could discern. And those two things - insinuation of the meaning that Lott left wide open, and ascribing specific damning thoughts to the man - were the basis of the pasting that he received. I'm glad to see he stepped down as Senate Majority leader, to be sure, but glad not because of anything that my imagination has spun up from his idiotic comment. Example number two - although this one didn't grow legs like examples one and three, it is in it's own way is just as disgusting a display as the others. On the 7th of April, Education Secretary Rod Paige, answering a fairly broad question during an interview by a religious publication on the topic of what type of University he'd like his kids to go to, gave a reply that included the phrase
"[...] But, you know, all things being equal, I would prefer to have a child in a school where there's a strong appreciation of values, the kind of values that I think are associated with the Christian communities, and so that this child can be brought up in an environment that teaches them to have strong faith and to understand that there is a force greater than them personally."
Now of course, because Rod used that 'C' word, even though he was using it in an analogous way, almost immediately the attempt was afoot to portray him as evil incarnate, wanting to introduce Christian based religious teaching into every public school room in the country. That of course, is a flat out lie, in that Mr. Paige indicated no such thing, nor expressed any such desire. Nevertheless, the extrapolation, the piling on based on that lie virtually portrayed Rod Paige as just this side of zealotry, stirring up rifts and divisions in society, and anything else that could be thought of short of blaming him for cats and dogs not getting along. The whole thing was so ridiculous on it's face that it faded as quickly as it sprouted, although, you can be sure that if Mr. Paige's name comes to prominence again, we'll likely see it be trotted out for some additional mileage. Which brings us to example number three, the pot currently on the front burner of the stove, getting a liberal stirring. So exactly what was Rick Santorum going on about? Was he really saying that gays were in the same category as bestials or those that practice incest? No, he wasn't. He was commenting more on his position that the laws governing sexual relationships and practices is best handled via the legislative versus the judicial process. However, sexuality in general ia a hot button topic, and an esoteric, dry argument over the separation of powers under the constitution isn't going to attract nearly as much attention as the discovery and denouncement of a real, live, public gay basher. Only one small problem; again, it is based on a lie. A misrepresentation to create a straw man, then using it as a righteous reason to rant and rave, with Sen. Santorum as the grease on the treads to get it all rolling. And this latest one, like example number one, has grown legs, and is running. Running wild. Santorum's point, which actually seems a better argument to have, is of course lost in all the noise. The lie has taken on its own life, and the battles being waged swing at it in earnest. Take, for example, Andrew Sullivan. I can easily understand that Andrew would have quite a lot to say on the subject of gay rights, and sexual liberty, however, his current assaults on Santorum, or rather the straw man effigy, do neither of those causes any favors.
But Santorum has gone far further than disagreement. He let it slip that he believes gays should be put in jail for our relationships. I'm sorry but that kind of statement is unacceptable, non-negotiable, intolerable. The Senator must withdraw it. I worry that the president means well but just doesn't get it. So let me put it another way: Senator Santorum believes that the vice-president's daughter should be made a criminal for her relationship.
One of two possible comments on this passage - either it's Andrew who 'doesn't get it', or Andrew doesn't care to 'get it', preferring to pillory the straw man. That, rather than engage in the examination of in which venue these things are best settled, for good - via legislation, of via the courts. By his use of supporting material, which appears all built on the same house of cards, it appears that Mr. Sullivan chooses not to 'get it'. If the phrase 'then the law, sir, is an ass' is really the issue, and I think that is the point, then why are we not discussing that? Why are they expending all this time attempting to figuratively burn the witch? I find that I must agree with Senator Santorum, or at least my read on what his point actually is, in this particular instance. While there is ample reason to believe that Santorum's personal views do not hold homosexuality, its forms or its practices in high regard, that is not the basis of his indictment. What that is, is that if society has changed so much that the practice of homosexuality, and its forms, are socially acceptable, then in fact, the law, she is an ass. And such laws, specifically with regards to sodomy, should be re-examined by the various legislative bodies of those states that still have such laws, and repealed or modified to better fit the sensibilities and practices of the society we live in. As I perceive Senator Santorum's concern, I share it. By addressing this issue via the courts, and using this as another opportunity to construct a framework for an argument as to the existence of 'sexual rights', it is of great concern that by opening that door, and giving that concept credence, it would only be a matter of time before it was used to strike down, despite the sense of society as to their necessity as expressed through legislative action, the various laws proscribing bestial or incestuous or other such conduct, on the basis of the 'rights' argument. Put simply, and just as simply pooh pooh'd and dismissed, the slippery slope. Have that argument. Advance whatever cause you believe in or see fit to live your life by. However, Andrew, please make your arguments honestly. It would be so refreshing to for once see an argument at this level that wasn't based upon a lie. ::Update:: To provide point of reference, here is the full text of Senator Santorum's remarks. Hat tip to Angie Schultz.
New Zealand Taken For a Ride. What is the penalty for Nation Conversion anyway? When I went to bed last night I lived in a small, moderately well off, fiercely indendent South Pacific island nation. This morning I awoke to find we were now anchored just off Holland and permeant mooring posts were being sunk to hold us there. At first I assumed it was an ANZAC Day prank by boy racers who had had what seemed to be “a good idea at the time” and they had taken us for the mother of all joy rides. If only. It turns out that we have joined that Axis of Weasels. I shit you not, Dear Leader Helen observed ANZAC Day by toadying, snivelling and grovelling to the EU and generally selling our collectively souls. Ha, she won’t get much for mine even if she can find it. How pleased would you be to find out your nations representative had stood on the world stage and declared “only the EU has the moral right to undertake the rebuilding of Iraq”? Not satisfied with slanging of the US, first claiming that the US operation was failing (?????), then that there never would have been a war under Gore (no Sept 11 either?). She then headed off to piss the Aussies off by saying NZ is so morally superior that it would not join in an unjust and illegal war just for the sake of trade agreements. Attila the Hen managed to actually look surprised when the diplomatic backlash came – the US Ambassador here described her comments as “unfortunate", the diplomatic equivalent of cocking a derringer in a poker game – and she had to apologise in writing like an errant schoolgirl. Now we are sniffing around the foul stench of the collective EU’s asses in the hope of picking up some crumbs. Woo hoo! We got a visa free six months for Kiwi’s to stay in Belgium… hold me back! All it took was the trampling over the twitching bodies of our former alliances. It was exactly this time back in 1942 when we had asked the US for help and thousands of US Marines where steaming across the Pacific to set up camp just over the hill from here. The Japanese were quite close, this time the enemy is a lot closer. I’d like some help here please. I don’t need a division of Marines (haven’t done any shopping for the long weekend so I couldn’t feed them). But if the US made an offer of some real cheap F16’s to a centre right coalition here, assuming one wins the next election – you can’t offer one to a left coalition because they renege on the signed deals – it would go a long way towards us getting a leadership that even vaguely reflects the nature of our people. Lets see, could have gotten Bush, Blair, Howard or Clark. Fuck did I get the short straw.
I don't think so Helen.
Thanks Glenn
For mentioning Silent Running (the movie), but dissing us completely. And we have something about trees! Not Bruce Dern gone whacko ice your friends kinda nutso about trees, but we mention them! Hell, trees are even part of our logo! Hey, some of us like Star Trek too. And Might have even caught an episode or two of Deep Space Nine, Voyager, or Enterprise. What, so we don't speak Klingon? Never talked to Murray after a few six packs, I see. Just when you think you're occaisionally noticed by someone, something like this has to happen. This calls for some more Cap'n Crunch.
Bold 'new' proposal? The North Koreans propose we give them everything they were getting from the '94 deal, and then some, and then maybe we can talk about their nukes. I propose they prove they've got nukes by setting off their test shot in downtown Pyongyang. Right after they use it as a suppository for Kim Jong Il. Just wondering when Kim Jong's stupidity level is going to cross the Chinese "that's enough of THAT crap" level.
Is he dead?
Speculation runs rampant. Although there hasn't been a confirmed sighting in some time, there is sketchy evidence that this bane, this hideous beast, whose activites absolutly could not be ignored, may have finally met with what some consider a well deserved fate. A proper approach to handling him was discussed, and discussed, and discussed some more. But now he seems gone, but is he really? Can the world truly sleep better, or is it just a ruse, a sleight, or imagination run wild due to the inordinate fixation on the issue? Saddam? Nah. Osama? Not even. Meryl's woodpecker. Actually, the picture reminds me of a tennis ball. Does Maintenance Guy have UN credentials? How else will the French believe his report of what he finds? And which room is maintenance guy?
Disturbed by the hubbub over reconstruction contracts? Think Dick Cheney is a money grubbing so-and-so?
Then you may want to take a look at Noels's piece over at Sharpknife (of course, as usual, blogger is, well bloggered, and archives are hosed. scroll to the 'haliburton' entry). Gots all the goods. Nails them whats deserves to be nailed. But good. You get em, Noel. None of them bastages staggers out alive....
IT'S ANZAC DAY - BE ASHAMED. BE VERY ASHAMED. That's the message from Australia's trendy Left, as delivered via a cartoonist and an actress on SBS's "Insight" item this afternoon. It was one of those TV current affairs shows that makes you want to put a fist through the screen. One of those items where, as the head of the RSL (Veterans association) talks about the recent war in Iraq, the camera operator thinks it's clever to zoom over his shoulder and focus on a statuette of two Gallopoli veterans on the bookshelf. Probably thinks that was really clever and insightful. And can someone tell me why leftist intellectuals still think they look more intelligent, compassionate, concerned and committed if they're smoking cigarettes? It's that whole Left Bank, Jean-Paul Satre, black turtleneck sweater thing. You can view the entire item (around 15 minutes long) here. For those of you without high-tech Yankee technology in the form of broadband connections, you can read the transcript here (scroll down to the bottom to the item entitled "Patriotism"). And for the even lazier, here are some of the edited highlights from the game.

BILL LEAK, ‘THE AUSTRALIAN’: I see our involvement as an extension of, or part of a period of great shame and disgrace for this country. Bill Leak is one of Australia's leading cartoonists, commenting on the state of the nation every day. BILL LEAK: I know that it's become a cliche, already, for people to say, "For the first time in my life I feel ashamed to be Australian." But I've felt very ashamed to be Australian ever since the 'Tampa' was turned back. The crimes of a nation are not easily forgotten. And I feel very ashamed of the fact that these elected representatives are seen as an extension of us.

There are elections. People vote. The party which gets support from the most people wins, and implements its policies. It's called democracy, you might care to make a cursory examination of the basics. Don't like the policies? Then support an alternative, and argue in favour of it. If you persuade enough people to your side of the argument, the government will change. See, it's so simple, even a cartoonist could understand it (if he made the slightest attempt)

JUDY DAVIS, ACTOR: The Australian people want this war to stop.

Er...hey Judy, I don't know if you've been keeping up with current events, but it IS over. And just to piss you off even more, we kicked their arses. It made most of the big newspapers. Do try to keep up with the rest. Oh, and on latest polling, your assertion is dead, flat wrong.

JUDY DAVIS: You know, one of the problems with the concept of nationality is that we're asked to take responsibility for what a part of the community - for a government that part of a community has voted for and at times like these, some of those decisions are...they're big decisions involving, as we're seeing now, carnage in a country on the other side of the world. But we can't take responsibility for a man like John Howard. He should be ashamed, and maybe one day he will be.

See above under "Democracy, how it works".

BILL LEAK: The very fact that the Government has been so rigid in enforcing silence and limiting journalistic probing into what our soldiers are doing over there, is a real source of great worry and I think anybody who prides themselves on their nationalism and patriotism should look at that first. Is that something to be proud of? I mean, how can you be proud of something you don't understand? We don't understand what's going on over there and it's just as well that we bloody well don't. It's not our business.

Thanks to Bill Leak for echoing the wise words of that greatest of European statesmen of the 20th century, Neville Chamberlin.

“How horrible, fantastic, incredible, it is that we should be digging trenches and trying on gas-masks here because of a quarrel in a far-away country between people of whom we know nothing!”

And we all know how well THAT policy worked out!

BILL LEAK: Instead of being an outward-looking nation, aware of its own emerging sort of position in the world and even its own geographical position within South-East Asia, we've suddenly reverted back to being the lickspittle of an American government in the vain hope, or the some kind of fervent hope, that one of these days they're going to be grateful. People...I don't think people are grateful to sycophants. They might need them and they're handy to have around in times of dire urgency, but afterwards, I think they usually just find them repulsive.

Note for non-Australian readers: Unbelieveable though you may find this, it is an item of Holy Writ amongst the Australian Left that this is an Asian nation. In their hatred of Western civilisation, they point to Australia's geographic location as somehow meaning that we have to somehow become Asian, subscribe to "Asian values" (whatever they may be) and repudiate our European identity. And the best way to do that (apparently) is to oppose the United States. And ask regional tyrants if we may please be permitted to lick the blood off their tank treads. Australia actually did this for many years, with former foreign minister Gareth Evans the worst offender. This desire to ingratiate with Asia, pushed so hard by the Left, may well have contributed to Australia's shameful acquiesence in the Indonesian invasion of East Timor, and certainly influenced the subsequent disgraceful silence on the matter. Apparently Australia can only be "independent" when we're sucking up to undemocratic reigimes in Asia, and giving the finger to the world's greatest democracy. Truly, the Left has no moral compass, only the True North Star of anti-Americanism. Everything else is irrelevants.

JUDY DAVIS: Australianness is an idea. They're all ideas that can be used to unite people with generosity, and when I say unite I don't mean you will be just like me, you will believe exactly what I believe in. By unite, I mean you're different to me, you have a different belief structure, and getting to know you will be an adventure because I'll change and you'll change. That's what I would call being united.

That's what I would call being overrun, but what would I know, I'm just a Kiwi blow-in.

BILL LEAK: And I think that we are creating an international image for ourselves with which we are now going to have to live, and it will be for a very long time and I think that when we sift through the history of this particular time, a lot of us will come to the realisation that we've acted like utter bastards.

Unfortunately, he is NOT referring to the anti-war movement. It would be more accurate if he was. I'm sorry, the Left right now is like some end-of-the-world religious cult, holed up in a remote compound, foaming at the mouth about vast conspiracies, and getting ready to drink that big vat of kool-aid because the world was supposed to end, and it didn't, and they believed in it so much, and it must be because they didn't have sufficient faith, or it's all the fault of the Jews..uh, neoconservatives, and it's JUST NOT FAIR! Maybe if we get them surrounded by the BATF.....


OK, I am back to my normal moderate self. I still think that Arabs are Arabs, but I am no longer mad about the fact that they don't put it in quite these terms on TV. Besides, I realised that morning and day time is a bad time to watch any of the news channels. I guess the news during that time is geared towards dumb houswives like yours truly. They don't want to upset us too much by some serious stuff, lest we burn the onions, or the husband's shirt. I'll have them know that I actually burn the onions when there is nothing interesting on TV, and so I keep sneaking away to the computer, and forget to check the stove. Come to think of it, what's that smell?...
With friends like these...
Leaping to George Galloway's defense is none other than - ta da! Scott Ritter! George could probably start handing out bullets to the firing squad himself and not quite do as complete a job.
I was shocked to read about the allegations, ostensibly based upon documents discovered in Iraq, that George Galloway was somehow compensated financially by the Iraqi government for championing its cause.
Apparently, Saddam and Tariq swore to Scottie that he was 'the only one' and that they'd 'never done anything like this before...
But I was also shocked because of the timing of these allegations.
Yeah, who knew that as soon as a third party got their hands on the abundant documentation (damn those fascist types and their absolute obsession with writing everything down!), and actually started to read some of it...odd about the timing of all that. Not like you could count on all of the media having a streak of CNN-itis.
Having been on the receiving end of smear campaigns designed to assassinate the character of someone in opposition to the powers that be, I have grown highly suspicious of dramatic revelations conveniently timed to silence a vocal voice of dissent.
Cry me a river Scott. If you can't run with the big dogs, or keep out of the Burger King, stay on the porch, son.
But I do know a few things about George Galloway and the cause he championed with regards to Iraq. I know that he helped found the Mariam Appeal, a humanitarian organisation established in 1998 initially to raise funds on behalf of an Iraqi girl who suffered from leukaemia and who, because of economic sanctions, was unable to receive adequate medical care.
Now, treatment for a chronic condition, and long term care can be expensive, granted, but the amounts being discussed here go a bit beyond a plane tickets for one (uno, singular, solo) Iraqi child and her grandmother, treatment, and room and board at a non-profit outfit. And odd how the structure was set up to specifically avoid outside scrutiny of the books. It's highly, highly suspicious, and reeks of a distractionary poster child set up, using a sick little girl as cover for money laundering.
The case for war, as flimsy as it was in the months before Operation Iraqi Freedom began, has been shown to date to be utterly without merit, as no stockpiles of hidden weapons of mass destruction have been uncovered by the US and British military forces occupying Iraq.
Beat that drum as loud as you can Scott - it could be taken away from you at any moment. This sense of utter denial sounds almost like, excuse the slur, you also were paid to glad mouth the regime...got a spare $450,000 on ya Scott?
To allow George Galloway to be silenced now, when his criticisms of British policy over Iraq have been shown to be fundamentally sound, would be a travesty of democracy.
I'm all for letting him continue to ramble and rant also, but it has nothing to do with any of the apparently paid politcal pronouncments he's been making. It is simply that the more he talks, the more it sounds like a shovel, hitting the dirt, over and over, digging, and digging, and digging. However, I've never been to Iraq. I never met Saddam. How could I possibly have any idea what I'm talking about. Good point. So go, and ask someone who has - they've supplied this email for inquiries - WSRitter@aol.com . Go ahead and ask him, or express your own opinions, directly.


New Zealand Population hits 4,000,000! And it only took us twenty years to get there from 3,000,000. According to the dept of statistics, Kiwi # 4,000,000 was born at 17:30 zulu today. Love how precisely they guess. The same method is used by Inland Revenue to work out my tax bill... with a similar number at the bottom of it too. To give you an idea of how small this country really is, in 1908 we hit 1,000,000. Two world wars thinned us out temporality but we bounced back and hit 2,000,000 in 1958. Lots of weetbix and marmite brought us up to 3,000,000 in 1973 and since then our growth has slowed right down, because in spite of being a liberal paradise we just keep on leaving for some reason... go figure. Could it be that we are now officially an international fucking joke with Aussie ministers laughingly telling us not to worry and its "unlikely" the US will bomb us. A bitter man would say this would actually make a nice change since US pilots have killed twice as many Kiwi soldiers as enemy fire in the last ten years... but that would take attention away from the real enemy. Attila the Hen (as father now calls our PM) continues slanging off our increasingly less tolerant allies to the point where we know we're about to get royally screwed and she's off snivelling to the EU in the hope of scoring a trade deal or two by sniffing around the BELGIUMS!!!. We now (all four mil of us) have a leader so out of touch with the country that she fails to notice that every time she opens her yap to dis the team we should be on she takes another hit in the polls. Even Kiwis who have already left the country are changing citizenship in shame. And people wonder why our population is predicted to peak at 4.8 mil then drop.
So what is a girl supposed to watch while she is cooking? Well, I am getting tired of that FOX TV's cheerful patriotism. I kind of enjoyed it when there was fighting going on, but I have my limits. It is probably just me (reminds me of the Old Country too much, I guess), but I just cannot help it. Tried to switch to MSNBC - not as patriotic, but still dumb. And forget CNN. Besides, when "American Idol" becomes a news item, something tells me I am not about to miss much by turning the tube off. OK, so I'll miss something. So I won't be the first to post it on CP. But I just cannot take this crap any more. I guess it is back to NPR. Damn. Note to Gordo: be careful what you wish for.
Emily Jones is a Slacker
She's only oppressing, exploiting, or otherwise using at a 2.7 planet rate. Weak. Get up to needing 8.4, and maybe we can talk. I'm going to have to try this again in another language and use the most outrageous values to see if it comes back with something along the lines of 'congratulations, as a non-American you are very Earth friendly and working well towards the future, unlike those resource swilling North American pigs' ::Update Aha! The damn thing IS rigged! Went back through it as a young Nigerian answering in German, from a town of over 1,000,000 that eats meat all day everyday, in between driving my 7 member family around in a gas guzzling car over 150km a day, when I'm not logging my over 100 hours of flight a year...result, only needs 4 planets for that crap! Bogus? I think so....lying greenie bastages...
Intellectual Gag Reflex
Is how Mark Goldblatt describes part of the thought process of the anti-war left crowd. He makes a good case
There's something more significant going on here than a profound lack of historical perspective or a skewed understanding of the scholarly record. Both of those are signs of ordinary ignorance. But this is willful ignorance — which is much more insidious. It's as if the very suggestion of America's fundamental benevolence triggers an intellectual gag reflex among hardcore leftists. It cannot be tolerated; the system rejects it whole, regardless of the mental contortions that follow, because allowing it to penetrate would gum up the entire works. Concede American benevolence — concede, in other words, what cannot be denied by a reasonable observer — and the epistemological underpinning of radical politics crumbles to dust. Can Gore Vidal continue to publish once that concession is made? Can Noam Chomsky continue to deliver speeches? Can Tim Robbins even go out in public? In such circles, it's become a matter of self-preservation to posit America's essential evil. To posit, in short, a condition contrary to fact. Precisely because our policies seem so well intended, and their outcomes so often benign, critics who operate on the assumption of American malignancy must turn to conspiracy theorizing in lieu of inductive logic.[...]
Sums it up pretty well.


Apparently my aplication for the Syrian Minister of Information position has been accepted!
Running away? You yellow . . .

What Monty Python Character are you?
brought to you by Quizilla
Crazy like a Right Wing News Source! This just in from Gordo at NZ Pundit, you know I love a good cause and if we get it I'll be round Gordo's place, knocking back the free tinies and soaking up the real news! Unedited Rumsy! Gad can man live with such joy?
Let's Get Fox News Here I'm concerned that we aren't outraging lefties enough. Consequently it's time to pull out the big guns, namely one of those nasty multi-national media conglomerates like FOX! I've had an initial discussion with SKY television about them carrying it but they keep waffling on about how it has to be commercially viable and they have to get a certain number to watch it etc etc. Personally I suspect the young woman who does the PR about the programming may be a closet lefty. Surely any right thinking person could understand that FOX would quickly become the most popular news channel they carry. What else would people watch?...the BBC?...puleese. Anyway, go and sign the petition, and more importantly, get the link to your mates. We need thousands and thousands (10,000 minimum) so I'm relying on people like YOU-KNOW-WHO to get the petition onto large volume online distribution lists like YOU-KNOW-WHAT.
http://www.petitiononline.com/skyfoxnz/petition.html Our FOX News in New Zealand Campaign Sign the FOX News for New Zealand Petition
ANZAC Day On the 25th of April each year New Zealand and Australia observe ANZAC Day. A day on which we commemorate our fallen. It is a unique event that both individualises and unifies our nations. It is not a day of celebration or glorification of war, it is not a time of protest against the horrors of war. It is an acknowledgment of the price we, as small nations have paid to earn and maintain our freedom and independence. It is also a measure of of our will. Every town in this country right down to the tiny village of Glenorchy at the northern end of lake Wakatipu, has a monument in its town centre. There was concern that as our WWII vets dwindled, that attendance would fall off over the years, but over recent years numbers have been growing. In particular, many younger people are attending the dawn services and youth organisation are laying wreaths at the many memorials throughout both counties. It has been suggested by some individuals not worthy of mention here, that the observance of ANZAC Day could offend Muslims and should be cancelled. I make no reply to this myself, I will let Mustafa Kemal Ataturk respond.
Ari Burnu memorial, Gallipoli. Those heroes that shed their blood and lost their lives .... You are now lying in the soil of a friendly country. Therefore rest in peace. There is no difference between the Johnnies and the Mehemets to us where they lie side by side here in this country of ours ... you, the mothers, who sent their sons from far away countries, wipe away your tears; your sons are now lying in our bosom and are in peace. After having lost their lives on this land they have become our sons as well.
ATATÜRK, 1934 Here in Wellington the Turkish Ambassador will, as always attend services and take part in the ceremony at the Ataturk Memorial at Tarakina bay. An area selected for its similarity to Anzac Cove, Gallipoli. Similar services will take place at Gallipoli itself, attended by many Aussies, Kiwi's and Turks. ANZAC Day is our most sacred day, it defines us as a people, it sets us apart and will be observed while either country remains above water, if not longer.
New Word I received the following from Jay:
.Hi Murray What is the correct title for a racist that hates his own race rather than another one ? Perhaps we need a competition to describe Michael Moore as I can't think of an appropriate adjective ! "What we did not expect was to feel so enraged at one point that we almost walked out. It was when (Michael) Moore went into a rant about how the passengers on the planes on 11 September were scaredy-cats because they were mostly white. If the passengers had included black men, he claimed, those killers, with their puny bodies and unimpressive small knives, would have been crushed by the dudes, who as we all know take no disrespect from anybody. -- Yasmin Alibhai-Brown " Jay
Frankly it got me thinking, what do you call someone how goes around running down his own race and basically apologising for being white in a public place. I’ve seen more and moore of this sort of behaviour in the last couple of years. We have our own local version, they wear hand knitted sweaters, bone carvings and over pronounce the hell out of every Maori place name. We call them “plastic Maori’s”. Now that’s not going to cut here, we have to go global so we do actually need a word for this and given that Fat Mikey is the worst example and I’m president of his fan club I’m putting up “Moorest” as the new word for the good people at Oxford English. Moorest adj: a person so consumed with self-loathing and overwhelming sense of inadequacy that they methodically run down and denigrate their own race. E.g. Michael Moore.
Messages for big game hunters
The paint ball idea would probably kill it, and misses will leave residue of all the attempts. Bad idea. The cat hair idea, on the other hand, has potential. Dog hair works to keep deer away. No. I don't like heights either.
What the?
Ladies and Gentlemen, the blogger formerly known as John Cat (at least thats what Babelfish called him). Head on over and call him other things, if you care to, for making you think that your bookmarks are jodido. I sense...a change of some sort, can't quite put a finger on it though. Anyway, I think the cat has used up its ninth life, and been re-incarnated, somewhere in the Shallow End.
By popular demand
Silent Running is pleased to announce, following at least 15 minutes of anticipation, we've made the following addition to our exclusive line of Silent Running Apparel available with the help of Cafe Press.

The Official
The World Famous SR 'No Tree Huggers' Logo designed by Murray 100% combed cotton baby rib Double-needle hemmed trim Super soft high end woven elastic trim
Simply click on the image to order yours today!
This just in! NOW devil-woman, Marva Stark, attempts to partially remove her head from her anal orafice.
Stark, who heads the Morris County NOW, spoke Monday with the national organization's vice president, Terry O'Neill. Stark said O'Neill told her that NOW "felt it wasn't the right thing to take a position right now" on either the Peterson case or fetal homicide statutes.
"...wasn't the right thing to take a position on right now." Really? Ya think? I mean, it's not like Laci Peterson's family just officially had their entire freakin' world turned upside down.
"I was thinking out loud," said Stark, who had mused on Saturday that the double-murder charge could provide ammunition to the pro-life lobby.
Yeah, so I'm thinking that maybe Ms. Stark should listen to that little voice inside her head (ya know, the one most of us like to call "common fuckin' decency") and shut her pie-hole at least until after Laci's family has had the chance to bury their daughter and Laci's "fetus?"
Is this true? If so, ha!
Just got this via an e-mail group. Did a quick check via snopes, but couldn't find anything on it. Unfortunately, no source is attributed. If anyone in the NYC area can confirm or deny, feel free to leave a note in the comments. Ok, here it is -
The FOX News offices in NYC were the frequent site of war protesters during the last month. The following is a sample of the electronic crawls (big LED sign on the front of the bldg.) that the FOX NETWORK ran outside of their NYC headquarters during these anti-war protests: 1) "Does anyone here have a job?" 2) "The most clever sign wins a weekly free vacation to Baghdad" 3) "Who won your freedom to protest ... Protesters, Actors, or, Soldiers?" 4) "CNN agrees with you. They're 2 blocks west & they have free doughnuts" 5) "War Protesters Audition Here Today ... Thank you for coming. Try to look Scruffy" 6) "Attention :Protesters The Michael Moore Fan Club meets on Thursdays. It's the the Phone Booth on 6th and 50th" 7) "Yell as loud as you want; we're still not hiring Phil Donahue"
Heh. Heh heh. ::Update::Courtesy of Jim in the comments section (they do work folks, use 'em!) we have confirmation! Looking at the article, we also see confirmation that of course, several humorless people just didn't get the joke. Waah.
BUFFY THE NEO-CONSERVATIVE? Lots of zeitgeisty goodness in the episode just screened here in Australia, "Bring on the Night".

BUFFY (solemn) You're right. We don't know how to fight it. We don't know when it'll come. We can't run, can't hide, can't pretend it's not the end, 'cause it is. Something's always been there to try and destroy the world. We've beaten them back, but we're not dealing with them anymore. We're dealing with the reason they exist. Evil. The strongest. The First. GILES Buffy, I-I know you're tired. BUFFY (resolute) I'm beyond tired. I'm beyond scared. I'm standing on the mouth of hell, and it is gonna swallow me whole. And it'll choke on me. We're not ready? They're not ready. They think we're gonna wait for the end to come, like we always do. I'm done waiting. They want an apocalypse? Oh, we'll give 'em one. Anyone else who wants to run, do it now. 'Cause we just became an army. We just declared war. From now on, we won't just face our worst fears, we will seek them out. We will find them, and cut out their hearts one by one, until The First shows itself for what it really is. And I'll kill it myself. There is only one thing on this earth more powerful than evil, and that's us. Any questions?

Yes. When did you start chanelling Bill Pullman's performance in Independence Day? And how long has Donald Rumsfeld been moonlighting as a TV scriptwriter?
And the obits keep rolling...
in the latest tragedy...killed by little girls. Too bad.
YOU DON'T NEED A TIME MACHINE TO CHANGE THE PAST Just a publisher and a contract to write history books for schoolchildren from a shiny new, Euro-friendly perspective. Remember how the Vikings peacefully came across the North Sea to trade with the Britons and settle down in a multi-cultural paradise of mutual respect? No, neither did I.

The Vikings have gone from being depicted as pillaging aggressors to skilful, peace-loving traders. In early editions of From Cavemen to Vikings (A and C Black), the Vikings are referred to as 'fierce raiders [who] began to attack our coasts'. But in its 1994 edition, they are described as 'Danes [who] besides being farmers, were much better at trading than Saxons. The Danes and Saxons settled down together and Saxon England became one rich and peaceful kingdom.'

And here was me thinking they were utterly maniacal Norse warriors who looted, burned, raped and pillaged all across Europe, mainly because they enjoyed doing it and it beat the hell out of being cooped up at the head of a fijord all winter with the wife and kids. Guess I'm just a Scandanaeophobe. Neil Gaiman (yes, THAT Neil Gaiman) suggests ways this new form of historical revisionism can be continued.

I think it's a lovely way to teach history, missing out all the slaughter and pillage and burning and going straight to the positive warm fuzzy stuff, and I am looking forward to the next round of textbooks. "People in England and Europe did not get real holidays back then, so the Crusades were started as a way of getting some sunshine and exercise and to help people meet their Islamic counterparts in places like Jerusalem, for multicultural dialogue and a change of air." "It was forbidden for Christians to lend money for interest, which meant that many Jews became moneylenders. This made them them tremendously popular and respected community members all across Europe."

Read his suggestion on how to teach kids about the Spanish Armada, it's a hoot. I imagine Novermber 5th will simply have to be cancelled. No nasty anti-Catholic prejudice in our brave new world, where the history of mankind is apparently going to be written by the Teletubbies. Or the Cultural Re-orientation Section of the European Ministry of Truth.

In Journeys into the Past (Zeitern und Menschen), the traditional image of the Saracens as barbarians is transformed in 2001 to one of a civilised race which lived in peace and harmony with the crusaders. National transformations, such as the division of the Frankish Empire into three kingdoms in the ninth century or the French Resistance in the 1940s become part of a natural evolution towards the inevitable creation of a future Europe.

Someone please tell me when this damn culture war is over, my sword-arm is getting kinda tired...
IT'S AWFULLY DRAUGHTY IN THE TOWER THIS TIME OF YEAR As we hope MP for Baghdad Central, George Galloway, will be given a chance to discover, while awaiting his execution for High Treason. I don't know what else you could call this!

George Galloway, the Labour backbencher, received money from Saddam Hussein's regime, taking a slice of oil earnings worth at least £375,000 a year, according to Iraqi intelligence documents found by The Daily Telegraph in Baghdad. A confidential memorandum sent to Saddam by his spy chief said that Mr Galloway asked an agent of the Mukhabarat secret service for a greater cut of Iraq's exports under the oil for food programme.

You can read the documents here. They make for fascinating reading. I'm sure this little business of taking Saddam's money had ansolutely nothing to do with Galloway's attempts to halt the war which liberated Iraq. And what does he have to say in his own defence? Something suspiciously lawyerly and Clintonian that ought to ring alarm bells with any halfway decent Public Prosecutor.

Asked to explain away the document found in Baghdad, he said: "Maybe it's the product of the same forgers who forged so many other things in this whole Iraq picture. Maybe The Daily Telegraph forged it." [ ... ] Mr Galloway spoke to The Daily Telegraph by mobile phone. He would not disclose where he was, saying it was "none of your business". When the contents of the letter from the head of the Iraqi intelligence service was read out to him, he quickly came out with a flat denial. "The truth is I have never met, to the best of my knowledge, any member of Iraqi intelligence. I have never in my life seen a barrel of oil, let alone owned, bought or sold one.

To the best of my knowledge, I have no clear recollection of having directly received actual barrels of oil, depending on what your definition of "receive" is. Or "oil". He's going to have to do a LOT better than that when he's up before the beak. Although if I were representing him, I think I'd have the bastard encased in frozen carbonite for the duration to avoid having him self-incriminate. Here is the definition of High Treason: 1. "When a man doth compass or imagine the death of our lord the king, of our lady his queen, or of their eldest son and heir". 2. "If a man do violate the king's companion, or the king's eldest daughter unmarried, or the wife of the king's eldest son and heir". This aspect pertains to carnal knowledge, forced or unforced, of a royal female. The intention of this law is to guard the royal blood from any suspicion of bastardy, whereby the succession to the crown might be rendered dubious. It is important to note that in a monarchy, the transition of rule and the reign of the monarch must be unquestioned, less civil unrest result. 3. "If a man do levy war against our lord the king in his realm". 4. "If a man be adherent to the king's enemies in his realm, giving to them aid and comfort in the realm, or elsewhere". This aspect of the treason law pertains to trading with enemy nations, as well as trading with pirates. I'd say Gorgeous George fits snugly into the fourth definition. So what do we have for our lucky winner today? Oh dear, it really isn't at all pretty... 1. That the offender be drawn to the gallows, and not be carried or walk: though usually (by connivance length ripened by humanity into law) a sledge or hurdle is allowed, to preserve the offender from the extreme torment of being dragged on the ground or pavement 2. That he be hanged by the neck and then cut down alive 3. That his entrails be taken out and burned, while he is yet alive 4. That his head be cut off 5. That his body be divided in four parts 6. That his head and quarters be at the king's disposal You know, since hopping the ideological fence and becoming on of those new-fangled neo-conservatives, I'm increasingly finding myself attracted to the concept of preserving what's solid, worthwhile and wholesome about our Anglospheric customs, folkways and legal system. It really has been far too long since a squad of armed soldiers tromped into the House of Commons to clap one of the MPs on the shoulder and inform him that on the orders of Her Majesty, he was to be conveyed forthwith to the Tower, via the Thames, entering through Traitors Gate. I don't know why people belong to the Left these days, when being a Conservative is just so much darn FUN!
FRANK IS A FUNNY GUY I have to link to him, or Donald Rumsfeld will have me killed.

"I wanted to talk about more of our military strategy." "Again!" Bush exclaimed, "But I wanted to watch T.V. now. You keep working me like this and I'm going to have to complain to my union boss." "There is no presidents' union!" Rice answered irately. Bush looked confused. "But Ariel Sharon keeps taking my dues each week..." A thought then struck him, and his expression turned to anger. "That Jew bastard! If he just wanted more money to bulldoze Palestinian homes, he could have just asked. I hate those Palestinians, always blowing themselves up. Why don't they just kill themselves?" Rice had a number of things she wanted to say in response, but she decided to let it go. "We need to talk about Syria." "Why can't we just talk about Iraq?" Bush complained, "We kicked ass there. I thought for a moment there was going to be trouble, but then 'zip' 'bang' 'pow', we took Baghdad. Now I just have to set up a new government there chock full of democracy, and people will be like, 'Hey, Bush, you're the best president ever!' and I'll be like, 'Yes I am. Now get me a soda, bitch!'"

IMAO - the only blog with a concealed microphone in the Secretary of Defence's office! Link to him now....while doing so is still voluntary. Reading Frank's hilarious transcripts of the goings-on at the White House reminds me of something Hunter S. Thmpson wrote once about some no doubt drug-induced vision of strolling into the Oval Office, only to find Nixon ripped to the tits, swallowing Wild Turkey by the quart and babbling incoherently about how the Russians were just asking for a good ass-whuppin' with Kissinger calmly taking notes, while the Oakland chapter of the Hells Angels divided up a huge pile of cocaine on the desk by shovelling mounds of it around with the butts of their shotguns. Come to think of it, I'm not sure Rumsfeld wasn't in that fantasy, calmly throwing darts over his shoulder into a giant map and then ordering invasions of the countries they landed on. There was a time when such a vision might have disturbed me...


Oh now what...
Meryl is sponsoring a Harem over at her place. Fast times in the big city, I guess.
Another excellent idea - Follow the Money
From William Safire (NYT, free reg req'd)
Why do you suppose France and Russia — nations that for years urged the lifting of sanctions on oil production of Saddam's Iraq — are now preventing an end to those U.N. sanctions on free Iraq? Answer: the Chirac-Putin bedfellowship wants to maintain control of the U.N.'s oil-for-food program, under which Iraq was permitted to sell oil and ostensibly use the proceeds to buy food and medicine for its people. (In reality, Saddam skimmed a huge bundle and socked it away in Swiss, French and Asian banks.)
Maintenance of this program, basically if it means 'money for nothing' sounds like an excellent motive for the current Franco-Russian jerkishness.
My Kurdish friends, for example, who are entitled by U.N. resolution to 13 percent of the oil-for-food revenues, believe their four million people are owed billions in food and hospital supplies. I wonder: in what French banks is the money collected from past oil sales deposited? Is a competitive rate of interest being paid? Is that interest being siphoned off in "overhead" to pay other U.N. bills?
Sounds like there has already been a little bit of mischief afoot - forget selling fantasmagorical intell tidbits, or spare parts contracts on hoeplessly outclassed show piece weaponery, now we're talking some bucks.
What other money trails need to be followed? Few doubt that vast Iraqi assets have been secretly transferred out of the country for years, and especially in the prewar months. This is done through cut-outs, phony foundations, numbered accounts, intelligence proprietaries, leveraged currency speculation through proxies in unregulated hedge funds and a hundred other financial devices. Taken together, Saddam's huge haul is now terrorism's central bank account.
The double whammy of being caught red handed in the cookie jar, and getting the lid slammed on it at the same time is a very, very convincing rationale for the French and the Russians to be obstinate asses at this point. We don't need to be simply combing through the intell HQ documents in Baghdad - we need to let loose a divison of forensic accountants and start tracing all this crap. This, this is what the Europeans fear coming into the open. This is why they resisted so vehemently. How many billions have been purloined? They weren't afraid of simply being revealed as Saddam's facilitators, but as his co-equal partners in the rape and pillage of a nation. Their hands may be covered in blood, but their wallets are fat. For now. And they still have the unmitigated gall to demand payment of 'debts owed,' with straight faces, no less. Someone get me a shoe...
Anyone have a better idea?
I can go with the Krauthammer solution:
But if the State Department sentimentalists who worship at the shrine of the United Nations insist on a pilgrimage to Turtle Bay, we should go to the Security Council and submit a one-line resolution: "Whereas the sanctions were imposed on the regime of Saddam Hussein; whereas that regime is no more; whereas sanctions are now needlessly preventing Iraq's economic recovery; the sanctions are hereby abolished." No "modalities." No negotiations. No deals. Dare France and Russia to veto. If they do, if they dare so naked a display of cynicism, we then simply declare that the Security Council has demonstrated its utter bankruptcy and forfeited all moral authority -- transcending mere uselessness and becoming now an agent of harm, deliberately standing in the way of the reconstruction of a suffering and now innocent country. We then ostentatiously stand up, walk out and declare the sanctions dead. We then open the oil spigots and rebuild Iraq. It is the right thing to do. It is the only thing to do.
yeah, baby. Hell, yeah.


Hope for the future
Challenger disintegrated before our eyes. Colombia streaked and tumbled across the Texas sky, recreating that feeling of loss. This week, the man in charge of the program will step down because of this latest failure, a failure that the numbers said was going to happen. The shuttle was always designed as an interim step, one of several steps that we have yet to follow through on. The International Space Station is in a waypoint position, not that of a final destination. We seem to have come to a point where the many many cooks stirring the government sponsored pot are incapable of deciding if it should be soup, and ruining whatever is in there in the process. Meanwhile, no progress is made. Apparently. For some, the dream is still there, alive. And they will give it wings of flight. See now - SpaceShipOne. Thank you, Burt Rutan.
Deceit, Betrayal, and Double Dealings
Noted with interest Stephen Den Beste's commentary on the discovery of files within the Iraqi Intelligence service files that implicate the Russians and the Germans with some pre-war cloak and dagger activities. Also noted that Russell Wardlow had a rather lengthy expression of outrage at these activities specifically, and the axis of weasels in general for the treachery and perfidy demonstrated over the past several months. My take on the entire series of events is as follows. Have to say that I can't get really all that worked up about the games afoot from the Russians. Even in the depths of the 'finger hovering over the button' bad old days of the cold war, these types of shenanigans were part and parcel of the landscape. The Kremlin has always played for best advantage, however marginal, regardless of the players bellied up to the table. The entire subject of Russian conduct in these past few months has been a quandry to me, and I have a hard time beleiving it was over the fear of potential 'damage' that the revelation of the Iraqi Intelligence files might cause. The Russians had to know we were going to go ahead with this, they had to know we were going to prevail. If Putin didn't know, then possibly he misread George Bush as potentially badly as Bush has apparently misread him. I think the Russians were laying markers here, on the bet that no matter what, the relationship with Washington could afford the damage points, while they picked up some points of their own in Western European capitols. The Germans are a disappointment. Not the commercial aspects of it, nor the cover our butts actions from the German government over them. These activities, while quite probably unethical and certainly reprehensible, are not in and of themselves a knife directed at the United States. The vehemence of their resistance to a position shaped from those activities, the baseness of tone, and the unwavering willingness to get down in the muck along with Cherac and de Villpen simply for apparent personal political advantage at home was startling and as disgusting as watching our own Slick Willie work a room. It is dismaying that there were German officials even in Baghdad speaking of the issues being discussed, however, the material released so far appears very one sided in the mischief department. Restraint on the part of the US in the form of retaliation, tit-for-tat over this, could well be an indication that the contacts were known, and the information developed was being passed along. That would be the only face saving sort of circumstance that would excuse the German activities, but only in this one particular case. As for the French. Despite those that are going to question the lack of, or validity of any evidence pointing to the French, and continue to proclaim the French position was humanitarian in nature only, you most probably won't find the type of records such as is present for the Germans and the Russians, in which the Iraqis are asking for assistance, and or quite pleased by the 'special' arrangement. For the French, the arrangement doesn't have to be special. They'll tell anyone they can about the size of their mother's underwear and when she starts her cycle if they think it will get them some sort of quid pro quo out of the deal. There are three ways to transmit information - telephone, telegraph, and tell a Frenchman. I can recall the French being quietly but firmly instructed to remove certain personnel from the theater during the first Gulf War for questionable activities, to include apparent intelligence gathering, and it was generally accepted that the French were not to be trusted much beyond the distance that an ant could toss the Eiffel Tower. But what quid pro quo? The TotalElfFina contracts are a good start. Defense armaments, wither under, over, around or through the table, the money still ends up in the French economy. These, and other exclusive and/or particularly lucrative contractual arrangements. To a certain extent also, that we have not yet seen more evidence on, the Chinese. The Chinese, however, had the good sense to know when it was time to let one of their milk cows head off to the slaughterhouse, and not bother to mess up their suits with a lot of crocodile tears. And they also know that it is probably a good idea to keep as many markers as they can, with the prospect of things getting rough over things in their own back yard. So, they voiced objection, but they didn't get in everyone's face about it 24/7 like the Euro-boobs. What to do? Quite a lot of the damage here I suspect is going to be assessed in the long run as self inflicted. The French have certainly made a lot of friends in Eastern Europe by addressing them in such a patronizing tone, and by using the 'reward' of EU membership in such a blunt carrot and stick approach. They have also quite probably taken some of the wind out of the sails of those in Great Britain pushing for a closer relationship with those across the channel. Regulations about the proper size or how a banana is weighed may well be considered more than just an amusement of adjustment. I like the option of dealing with each of the N3 differently, based upon their level of involvement and deceit, the likelihood we'll need anything from them in the near term, and keep the interactions separate. As this is appears to be a marriage of convenience amongst them, discord and disharmony shouldn't be too hard to create, and soon they may even turn upon each other, in a figurative way, at least. Eventually, at least in the cases of France and Germany, the electorates will become so disgusted with the entire thing that the prime perpetrators will be invited to retire from public service. As for how to handle the proceedings in public, simply publicly ignoring them except on our terms seems to be a good route to take. It will drive the French sense of self importance into an absolute tizzy. It won't affect the Germans too much, and I'm pretty sure the Russians could actually give a whistle about 'world public opinion' unless it is in their favor, if Chechnya is any indication. Let them stew in the pot they've constructed, over the fire they've built for themselves.
Go read Emily Jones
Because I said so. I'm making up for not updating her on the blogroll sooner. So go!
The plot 'thickens'
Since being outed as a puppy blending maniac by Frank at IMAO, what has happened to the Instaman? The guys at Happy Fun Pundit have now joined in the chorus, admitting that, a la CNN they knew but didn't report it!. Earlier reports that Glenn may have been languishing in a dank county cell in the Tennesse backwoods
Can't wait to hear the tale of how some podunk inbred Tennessee yokel with a dime store badge, a wad o chaw, mirrored sunglasses, 4000 hound dogs, an AOL account and no sense of humor, or sense in general has hauled Glenn in to spend some time in 'his jail' in some backwoods county down there, and he's having to sit there till Monday when the local magistrate, that happens to be the brother-in-law, nephew, 1st, 2nd, and third cousin to the Barney Fife wannabe, decides to take a break from tinkering with his still to come in and set Glenn's bail at $75
may turn out to be just a conveniently fabricated cover for his escape. There is an ominous quiet at Instapundit, only a couple of random postings that could have been set up to slightly cover such a getaway. Or possibly posted by a confederate. Odd that one of the central posts is pointing to Jeff Jarvis, who quickly adds on his home blog, Baghdad Bob style, that the proff is alive. Conspiracy theorists, no need for any Reynolds Wrap on this one, it should be obvious that Glenn is making a run for it. Late update: Andrew, of Pathetic Earthlings, has gone into full blown puppy-watch mode. And for some reason, he's headed to Australia - hot on the puppy blender's trail? We'll stay with this one folks, until the truth comes out....
Yeah, what she said...
Well, what is it that 'she' said, and who is 'she?' She is long time commenter 'zulubaby' on Charles Johnson's Little Green Footballs weblog. Born in South Africa, now living in California, one of the comments she dropped at one of Charles' posts pretty much brings us all up to date on what has been happening in little Bobby Mugabe's corner of the world, Zimbabwe. Without further ado.... _________________________________________
In a defiant speech marking the country's independence from Britain 23 years ago, Mugabe said Western opposition to his seizure of white-owned farms for landless blacks was part of a drive to keep the Third World poor.
Oh sure, like Zimbabwe could get any poorer than it is under his maniacal rule. Now the West is to blame for the mess he's made. Zimbabwe was a thriving country. He threw everyone out and has turned the place to shit. Keep up the good work there, Mugabe. The lies are standard issue.
"We abhor imperialistic machinations and iniquitous efforts by Britain and its ally, the United States, to recolonize us and we stand ready to resist such attempts," the 79-year-old Mugabe told an independence rally in Harare.
Where he gets this idea that Britain and the US (?) want to recolonize Zimbabwe, I don't know. Somewhere in the recesses of his moth-eaten brain I suppose. And let's not talk about imperialistic, hmmm. So far the crisis in Zimbabwe has been blamed on drought, Britain and the US attempting to recolonize, Peter Pan, and the tooth fairy. Note that Mugabe himself takes no responsibility for the wasteland that he is single-handedly creating.
"Africa is for Africans and Zimbabwe is for Zimbabweans...
That so? Well I'm an African too so you can kiss my sweet white ass. How's that?
In his speech, Mugabe said he would not tolerate unrest. "Those who reject democracy and choose the road of violence to achieve their political goals are the enemies, indeed evil enemies of Zimbabwe and will not be allowed to succeed."
Democracy Mugabe-Style: No "unrest" will be tolerated, rejection of said "democracy" will result in your death, either by torture, brute force, or starvation. Depends on my mood. Oh, and those that don't agree with my version of democracy? You're evil. So there. Yeah. From the BBC link:
This week, as petrol prices nearly trebled and inflation hit 228%...
Some drought they're having there, eh? Mugabe hails land grabs on Independence Day Mugabe Says Britain, U.S. Try to Colonize Zimbabwe Need I mention that Mbeki has refused to speak out against Mugabe? This is an interesting link that zaza posted yesterday. Mugabe needs to be tried for crimes against humanity. If ever there was a candidate, it has to be him. Fuck the UN. Fuck the EU. They are useless and have proven, once again, that they only pretend to care. Figures really when you think about it. They're so busy witchhunting the Jews it leaves time for little else. My contempt knows no limit. Model4 (#71) That is sickening. Like I'm not nauseous enough. Eyewitness: Zimbabwe torture victim Famine plagues Zimbabwe "France has a long history of associating with African dictatorships" "When is Bush coming to save us?" G-d help these people. Or Bush. Whoever responds first. ________________________________ zulubaby, you feel like posting over here, give us a shout and I'll talk to the guys...
Yes, someone is watching
News has come out today that Iranian journalist/blogger Sina Motallebi was hauled in for interrogation by the Iranian police about his activities. Chief among his activities? His weblog [in Farsi], which includes accounts of interviews with foriegn media.
Motallebi developed the Farsi website rooznegar.com after the reformist daily Hayat-e-Nou, or New Era, for which he wrote, was banned by the hard-line judiciary in January over a cartoon showing the late Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, leader of Iran’s 1979 revolution, being crushed by a hand. The editor of Hayat-e-Nou, Hadi Khamenei, is the younger brother of Khomeini’s successor as Iran’s supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei. Hadi Khamenei opposes his older brother’s policies.
Spread the word of this as far and wide as possible - not simply to get the word out about Motallebi, which should be done, but to send a wider message: Yes, we are watching you. Your own people are watching you. We see the things that you do, and know who you are. And we are keeping score. All of us. Thanks to Hossein Derakhshan for letting us all know
No, not kidnapped
Sources indicate that the Instaman was not kidnapped. He might, however, be trying to make bail for being hauled in on a cruelty to animals charge... On the other hand, why is it you never see Reynolds and Ingrid Newkirk in the same place at the same time? Hmmmm. ::Update:: Can anyone confirm or deny Glenn saying something about being on his way to a barbeque?
Say no to the UN part 2 Very well written document outlining the moral bankruptcy of the UN.
JUST TO PROVE WE'RE AN EQUAL-OFFENDER BLOG.... In the long run evil in the extreme will be the End of those who do evil; for that they rejected the Signs of Allah, and held them up to ridicule. al-Qur'an 30:10 Ah yes, that would be me. Guilty as charged. News fresh in from the front indicates that the mighty warriors of Islam, fierce, proud and determined to convert the world to the unchallenged rule of Allah as foreordained by the Prophet (pbuh) are running to their mummies, crying about a little ideological competition. It seems the concept of a level playing feild isn't acceptable. Mosques in New York? Great. Madrassas in Glasgow? Check. Islamic clerics appearing on western TV programs? Multiculturalism in action. But Christian missionaries in Iraq? Apparently this is not permissible.

Already two Southern Baptist missionary leaders are preparing to spread the word of God to the Arabs. One is the Reverend Charles Stanley, pastor of the First Baptist Church in Atlanta, Georgia, with a congregation of 15,000. He is head of In Touch Ministries and a board member of the National Religious Broadcasters Association, which backed President George Bush's campaign for the White House. The other evangelist is the Reverend Franklin Graham, the son of Billy Graham, and head of Samaritan's Purse, a humanitarian and missionary group. He recently caused an uproar by calling Islam "a violent and wicked religion", and denouncing the prophet Muhammad as a pedophile and terrorist.

Did he declare Muslims to be the descendants of pigs and monkeys, and declare they should be exterminated, while waving a kalashnikov over his head? Did he say Muslims kill non-Muslim children to drain their blood to bake special food? You know, I don't remember reading about that. I'm sure it would have made the papers if he had. Muslims in the West have the freedom to prosyletise to their heart's content, and do so with no interference. They continually boast that Islam is the fastest growing religion in the world. Western converts are by no means uncommon. This is as it should be. But how many churches will you find in Saudi Arabia? None. Christianity in the Arab world faces savage restrictions and informal violence from Muslims. Perhaps with Iraq's liberation, it's time to introduce a bit of religious as well as political freedom. In fact, the kind of secular government we're trying to help the Iraqi people establish is impossible without religious freedom. I mean, why would Muslims be against it? I thought the sons of the Prophet were hardy and bold, and quite unaccustomed to fear? They couldn't possibly fear that given a free choice, some people might turn to an alternative to Islam? Or even worse, that many might choose not to bother with religion at all? I'm sure that can't be it. Meanwhile, in response to some of the mewling from the nay-sayers (from the State Department, naturally), Ari Fleischer has come up with a zinger that's positively Rumsfeldian.

White House spokesman Ari Fleischer deflected suggestions of a Muslim backlash by saying: "The President knows Islam is a religion of peace."

Nice one Ari. You get to keep your job another week.